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1st Class Menu of work 05/05/2020- 08/05/2020

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and looking forward to another long weekend. It is looking like we are going to see some more sunshine this weekend for you to enjoy :)

Below is a suggested list of work for the following week 05/05/2020 – 08/05/2020. I have just put up work for four days because Monday is the bank holiday. Remember as always just complete what you can. It was great to hear from so many people this week and see some of the brilliant work and art that has been completed so far.

Like last week I have put up a grid on the blog with the work for each day and then here I have added the logins to the individual sites with some extra details too.

I have put up the answers to Mental maths, the comprehension questions and My spelling workbook for this week’s work on the blog. If there is any other work you require answers for please email me. I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Any queries or questions about the list of work please email me for further details on firstclassmsmcintyre@gmail.com


I will attach a sheet to the blog of games and activities you can practise at home to reinforce all the content covered Wednesday – Friday on Rounding


-Today the children will complete Monday and Tuesday‘s Mental Maths.

Today I would also like you to do some problem solving with the children. See problems below. Please complete 1-5. For extra work complete 6-10 also.

Monday Problem Solving (Chat to the children about the problems- ask the children if they think each problem is an addition or a subtraction (take-away) sum and why?

1. Tom had 7 marbles. Sam gave him 5 more marbles. How many marbles does Tom have now?

2. Niamh has 19 flowers. She gave 4 of them to Ruby. How many flowers does Niamh have now?

3. Jake ate 4 slices of pizza. Mary ate 5 slices of pizza. How many slices of pizza were eaten?

4. There were 12 birds in a tree. 4 more birds came along to join them. How many birds are in the tree?

5. Sophia collected 17 sea shells. She gave 5 of them to Amy. How many sea shells does Sophia have now?

6. Stephen found 6 coins in his pocket on Monday. He found another 9 coins in his bag on Tuesday. How many coins does Stephen have altogether?

7. Simon baked 14 cookies in the oven. He ate 3 of them. How many cookies were left?

8. Sarah counted 8 leaves on the ground. She saw 6 more leaves fall to the ground. How many leaves are now on the ground?

9. There were 11 people on the bus. 7 more people got on the bus. How many people are now on the bus?

10. John had 8 sweets. Mark gave him 8 more. How many sweets does John have now?


Today the children will begin rounding. Before you begin explain to the children what rounding is.

Rounding Definition: To round numbers means to change the numbers to the nearest ten so as to make them easier to work with mentally. Here is a little rhyme that might help the children learn to round up and down.

Rounding Rhyme: 1 through 4 stay on the floor.

5 through 9 climb the vine.

P.135 outlies the rounding strategy to help the children estimate simple addition sums within 99. The children are required to round numbers 20 0r 30 in the first activity and to 40 or 50 in the second activity.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login). Click Primary: First Class: Maths: Busy at Maths: Online Book (Click in the eye icon) Go to page 135


P. 136: This page gives the children practice at estimating simple addition sums within 99. The children do not have to give the actual answer to the sum, rather it is more beneficial for them at this point to focus on the estimated answer, which they obtain by rounding each number and then adding the two rounded numbers.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.


Revision page on addition and rounding. Page on blog.

Maths Tables Test Friday

7+5= 7+8= 7+12= 7+11=

7+7= 7+3= 7+6= 7+2=

7+1= 7+4= 7+0= 7+9=



This week we will talk about Summer and all the changes that happen in the environment around us during the summer months. Before you begin your work on summer take a blank sheet of paper and write the work summer in the middle of the page and draw a little bubble around it. Now do a little brainstorm; write as many words or draw little pictures of things that you know happens in the summer months. (I would love to see a photo of your brainstorm).

Now read and complete page 85: Signs of summer and chat about some things that happen during the summer months.

If you would like to read some stories and facts about summer go to www.getepic.com where you can read some lovely stories about summer.

Login to CJ Fallon to access all the pages listed above on the grid: CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: SESE: Small World: Small Word First Class: Online Book (Click on the eye icon) – It’s the first option on the page. P.85


Read p. 84- Irish Wildflowers.

Activity: Draw a picture of these 6 flowers and label them.

Next time you are out in your garden or out go for a walk with your family have a look and see can you can find any of these Irish wildflowers growing near your house?? Did you find any others types of flower that you know the name of?

Login to the CJ Fallon website as above.

Thursday/Friday: SESE\ART

Draw a picture or complete a collage called “Summer”. Today I would like you to take a page and include in your picture/collage as many signs of summer as you can think of. Remember to include the background.

We have previously completed this activity on the other seasons at school. Children used card, paper and odd bits of materials to complete the collage. This often took us days to complete so it might take longer than the two days, so take your time and I would love to see some pictures of what you come up with.

SPHE (Wednesday)

Last week you discussed healthy eating with your child. This week you could discuss other ways of keeping healthy. Look at Mindful Matters 1 p. 19; use the pictures to chat about other ways of keeping your body healthy.

Then discuss keeping your teeth healthy. Mindful Matters P.20 (I will put a photo of these two pages on the blog) or alternatively you can access the book Mindful Matters 1 through the CJ Fallon website.

Login to CJ Fallon to access all the pages listed above on the grid: CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: SPHE: Mindful Matters 1: Online Book (Click on the eye icon) – It’s the only option on the page. Go to pgs. 19 & 20.

Gaeilge (Irish)

If anyone has problems downloading the Bua na Cainte pages, email me and I will send photos of the pages.

Caitheamh Aimsire (Hobbies\ Past-times)

An Mháirt (Tuesday)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 4- Caitheamh Aimsire

Do page 27: Tarraing na pictiúrí agus cuir lipéid air. (Draw the pictures and put a label on them.)

bád (boat) carr (car) bábóg (doll\baby) liathróid (ball)

Leabhar (book) eitléan (aeroplane) bus (bus) róbo (robot) cluiche (game)

An Chéadaoin (Wednesday)

Briathar (Verb: Fuair mé (I got)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 4- Caitheamh Aimsire

Do page 28 (Bí ag léamh)

An Déardaoin (Thursday)

Briathar (Verb) Fuair mé (I got)

Fuair mé bád . (I got a boat)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 4- Caitheam Aimsire

Read page 29: Bí ag Scríobh (Write out the 6 sentences).

An Aoine (Friday)

Scríobh An Nuacht (News): Write your news as Gaeilge (In Irish)

Inniu an _________ (Today is ___________)

Inné an _________ (Yesterday was _______)

Amárach an ______ (Tomorrow will be ___)

An Luan (Monday) An Mháirt (Tuesday) An Chéadaoin (Wednesday) An Déardaoin (Thursday) An Aoine (Friday) An Satharn (Saturday) An Domhnach (Sunday)

Tá an lá_____________. (The day is __________).

Fuar (cold), te (hot), fluich (wet), tirim (dry), gaofar (windy), scamallach (cloudy), dorcha (dark) geal (bright).

__________is ainm dom. (My name is _________)

Tá mé í rang a haon. (I am in 1st class.)

Tá mé í mo chonaí í Cúil Áine. (I live in Coolaney.)

Fuair mé ______________ (I got a____________)

Ceist nua: (New Question)

Cén aois thú? (What age are you?)

Tá mé ____________bliana d’aois. (I am __________years of age.)

Tá mé sé bliana d'aois. (I am six years old.)

Tá mé seacht mbliana d’aois. (I am seven years old.)

Tá mé ocht mbliana d’aois. (I am eight years old.)

English for\Tues\Wed\ Thurs: Writing sentences

Remember when you are doing your sentences this week put a Capital Letters at the start of each sentence and finish each sentence with a full stop. Also remember a capital letter for the days of the week, the months of the year and every time you use the word I. Also don’t forget your finger spaces and your handwriting.

Tuesday Comprehension Questions

Comprehension questions for “The Fun Park” p. 45-53

1. What farm animals did Max and Luke see?

2. What time did they have lunch at?

3. What level did Emma reach in the Super Quiz Game last Easter?

4. What sound did the children hear when they went into Super Quiz Show?

5. What happened each time the answered a question correctly?

6. How many levels of the quiz did they finish?

7. What did each of them get for finishing the quiz?

8. What time did everyone meet at the gate?

English for Friday: Grammar

The Question Mark

Always write a question mark at the end of a sentence that asks a question. Some examples of words that we can use to ask questions are what why when where who which would

Example of a question with a question mark at the end:

1. Where do you live?

2. Why did you do that?

Just Grammar p. 12 & 13 (pictures of worksheets on the first class blog)

Grow in Love

Go to www.growinlove.ie and go to login section. The email address you use is trial@growinlove.ie and password is growinlove (all lower case and all one word).

Theme 8: Jesus is Still with us- Lesson 3 “Go and Share the Good News”.

Other Activities:

Gaeilge: www.cula4.com Cúla4 ar scoil Seachtain 3 – Plainéad an Domhain sa Spás (10 am every day)

Music: Continue to practice your tunes on the tin whistle. Try playing a new tune from one of the sheets.

English in Practice (Grammar): (Continue with a column daily if you have previously accessed the viewing copy of this book online; “English in practice 1st Class” on the Prim- Ed website. You could read out the 10 questions to the children and children could write the answers in your copy

Shared Reading: Oxford Owl – books can be chosen based on age/level.

PE: With Joe Wicks- The Body Coach.