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2nd Class 05-05-20

Hi 2nd class,

I hope you all had a great week and luckily for us the weather hasn’t been too bad. I’m sure you are all working hard and doing lots of jobs at home to help out. Attached below is this week’s menu of work; do what you can and just try your best. Don’t worry if you don’t get everything complete. As always please start by correcting your Mental Maths and English in Practice; answers attached below. As Monday is a Bank Holiday I haven’t assigned any work for then so there is just 4 days work this week. You all deserve the day off as I know so many of you have been very busy and I have been receiving some lovely e-mails with pictures of your wonderful work. I've also received letters and notes to tell me how you are getting on, which I’ve really enjoyed. Please continue to send me your lovely work on

I know next Saturday should be a really special day for you all as we should be celebrating your First Holy Communion and while it’s very disappointing and upsetting just know that I will be thinking of you all. When it is safe to do so we will all have a wonderful day celebrating your First Holy Communion and it will be an extra special celebration for you all. So we are going to continue to stay positive, prepare and practise our prayers as best we can.

I hope you all have a great week. Stay safe and I will be in contact with you all again next week.

Ms.Niland- 2nd class teacher.

2nd class work 05-05-20- 08-05-20

Compound words power point

Compound words worksheet

Prayer after communion

Mental Maths Answers

English in practice Days 134-138

Maths home/school Links

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