• Rockfield NS

2nd class 25/05/20 - 28/05/20

Hi 2nd class,

I hope you are all keeping well and have had a nice week. Luckily this week you only have four days of work Mon- Thurs as we were to be off on Friday. I think you all earned a well-deserved break to relax and enjoy the long weekend as I know you have all been working so hard. Thanks again to all that have e-mailed, be it to say hello or sent through some of their lovely work; it’s been great hearing from you and seeing your great work. Please continue to do so as I’ve loved hearing from you all! If you haven’t e-mailed yet I would love to hear from you even just to say hello; there’s no need to feel under pressure to send through work.

Please find attached below this week’s menu of work; as always just do what you can and don’t worry if you don’t complete it all. It’s a menu of work so you do what works in your household and adapt it as required. Firstly, please start by correcting last week’s Mental Maths and English in Practice; answers attached below.

If you have any questions/queries about this work please feel free to email me on msnilandrockfieldns@gmail.com . I hope you all have a lovely week and continue to stay safe. I will be in touch with you all again next week.

Ms Niland- 2nd class teacher.

2nd class work

Maths home/School Links Money

Bossy Verbs Power point

Bossy Verbs Worksheets

Mental Maths Week 32

English in Practice Days 147-150