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2nd class Work

Hi 2nd Class,

I hope you have all had a great Christmas and that Santa Claus was good to you all. As you know we are not going to be back in school for a few weeks so we are going to be doing our learning online. I know we will all miss our friends and the fun of the classroom. I will miss you all too but for now we have to make sure that we all do our best to stay safe and I will look forward to seeing you all very soon. The good news is we will be using see-saw, which I know you have really enjoyed and you have worked really well on this with our weekly activities since October. Please try your best with your work and remember to keep up the lovely handwriting and neat work that we always work so hard on. Hopefully I will see you all back in school very soon.

Ms. Niland.

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all safe and well and had a happy and healthy Christmas. From tomorrow we once again begin with our online learning. Attached below is Monday’s work and activities for 2nd class. From Tuesday this work will be assigned and uploaded daily through our online platform, see-saw. The children have already been completing a weekly piece of home-work on this since October and have responded really well to it and shown great knowledge and understanding in navigating it. We will be adding to this knowledge and experience and exploring some more of the features see-saw has to offer in the coming days and weeks ahead. Together we will all learn this new platform together.

· I have included two copies in your child’s bag/box. One writing copy and one maths copy. All written activities will be put into these copies.

· You will see in your child’s homework folder there is a home-work sheet- This was put in pre-Christmas break as their homework for this week. We will work through this and you will see it being assigned in their daily activities.

· We will start the novel together on Tuesday through see-saw so please don’t start reading until then. We will be reading the novel together as a class and completing relevant activities based upon it.

· All books in second class are book rentals so please ensure all tasks are completed in their copies provided.

As always if you have any questions/ queries you can e-mail me on msniland@rockfieldns.eu. Have a great week and remember that from Tuesday all daily work and activities will be posted on see-saw.

Thank you,

Ms. Niland- 2nd class teacher.

Monday 11th January