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3rd Class Work 11th-15th May

Hi Rang a Trí!

I hope everyone is well and enjoying the good weather that is lasting so long. Fingers crossed we will get a good summer too! I hope everyone found last week’s work o.k. and remember that it is just a ‘menu’ of work and you don’t have to complete it all. I would be delighted if you picked something from each subject area to have a varied learning experience. I know that ‘Hit the Button’ is going down well in a lot of households and that it’s not just the kids playing it!!!

This week in my household, we spent a lot of time looking for signs of summer. I was helping my son with his S.E.S.E work and we really enjoyed looking at wildflowers, learning the names of them, drawing them and we made a summer collage called ‘Wildflower Garden in Summer’. There was lots of imaginary play outside too. At one stage, I thought I was in a hospital with the scenario the kids were acting out! The next thing they were playing ‘shop’ and of course ‘school’ is always one of the settings! I laugh to myself when I hear them taking on the role of the ‘teacher’!!!

Back to your school work! The topic of the week in maths is ‘2D Shapes’ focusing on the hexagon, curve sided shapes and shapes that tessellate. Your art activity is linked to maths this week. I want you to draw an art piece using shapes that tessellate. Your writing in English this week focuses on writing an e-mail. I would love to hear from you and see how you are getting on with the school work and other activities at home. You will learn about ‘Heat’ in Science and your new theme in Gaeilge is ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’. The theme on 'Cúla4 ar Scoil' this week is 'Caitheamh Aimsire' so you could have a look at TG4 some of the days at 10a.m. I have attached a song for you to listen to (and dance to!) in music and a challenge in P.E.

Once again……This is a ‘menu’ of work, not prescribed, so please complete what fits with your own household and present circumstances including plenty of outdoor activity. I do not expect all work to be completed by all students. You need to access Mathemagic 3 and Abair Liom 3 on line so I have attached the links. Any work you find too difficult will be dealt with when school reopens.

If you have any academic questions or queries, you can contact me at the following e- mail address msleonardrockfieldns@gmail.com Do not be afraid to email me if you need clarification/answers or suggested solutions to anything. You can also e-mail me some of your work or a screenshot of it! I would love to see any art work or activities you are doing outside. I am always delighted to hear from children and parents. Have a good week and I hope you and your family stay safe, healthy and happy! Please click on the link below to see your work for the week.

Ms. Leonard

3rd Class Menu of Work 11th-15th May