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3rd Class Work 18th-22nd May

Hi Rang a Trí!

I hope everyone had a good week and that you are enjoying this great spell of weather. I’m sure the farmers are looking for rain at this stage. The field that was reseeded beside us needs rain for the grass to grow so the owner is looking up into the sky every day! I want to thank everyone that e-mailed me last week. The English writing task of sending Ms. Leonard an e-mail was very popular! It was great to hear how the school work is going and the ways you are coping. If you haven’t been in contact with me, I would love a quick e-mail just saying 'hello' and let me know how you are getting on. I received some lovely samples of work and pictures that you can view on the blog. I want to give a big shout out and thanks to all the parents who are doing an excellent job at home schooling. I know it’s difficult and that some parents are working so getting the school work completed can be challenging. Please don’t put yourselves under any pressure.

This week in my household, we got up to lots of different things. Let me tell you a few! The kids made dioramas out of tea boxes. They are fond of looking in the recycling bin to see is there anything arty they can make/do! The tea boxes were painted and farm animals were put into one whilst the other became a puppet show! They always talk about the amazing ones you all made as part of your art project. Paper aeroplanes were flying around the house one day, the garden fence was painted and a shop was set up using lots of food items from the cupboards! There was also a treasure hunt to find a missing key of a door that was locked! We realised after 3 days of searching that we had the key but there was a fault with the door lock!! Mini-Beasts was the topic in SESE so we spent time looking for them outside and learned some interesting facts about them. I won’t be making a wormery or looking for a pet spider any time soon!

Back to your school work! The topic of the week in Maths is ‘money’ focusing on renaming amounts of euro or cent using symbols and decimal points. Your writing in English this week focuses on writing instructions for your favourite game. You will learn about ‘Life in Norman Ireland’ in History and your theme in Gaeilge is ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’. There is a Disney Quiz in music, an Art activity that requires you to trace around your hand/ fingers to make lovely pictures (I'd love to see some of these!) and a P.E activity that involves a pair of socks!!

Once again……This is a ‘menu’ of work, not prescribed, so please complete what fits with your own household and present circumstances including plenty of outdoor activity. I do not expect all work to be completed by all students. You need to access Mathemagic 3 and Abair Liom 3 on line so I have attached the links. Any work you find too difficult will be dealt with when school reopens.

If you have any academic questions or queries, you can contact me at the following e mail address

Don't be afraid to email me if you need clarification/answers or suggested solutions to anything. You can also e-mail me some of your work or a screenshot of it! I would love to see any art work or other activities you are doing outside. I am always delighted to hear from children and parents. Have a good week and I hope you and your family stay safe, healthy and happy! Ms. Leonard

3rd Class Menu of Work 18th-22nd May

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