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3rd Class Work 20th-24th April Maths, English and SESE PART 1

Hi Rang a Trí!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed the fantastic weather. I’m sure you all saved some of your Easter egg for me! Here in my house, we spent the two weeks outside in the garden, going for a short walk/cycle, baking (pancakes, cheese scones, various types of queen cakes, brownies, cookies) and I had lots of help in the kitchen making the breakfast, lunch, dinner and the numerous ‘snacks’ in between! Do all children eat as much as mine????! I must invest in a lock for the fridge!!

I’m sure you all miss seeing your friends and playing together. How are my football and basketball buddies doing?? I miss you all and the classroom ‘buzz’. One of my last fond memories is us reading ‘The Butterfly Lion’ together. I think we all gave that novel a ‘thumbs up’. Can you remember the author, illustrator, characters, settings and any of the numerous ‘difficult words’ we picked out?

I also miss seeing my mum and dad. I haven’t visited them since the day the school closed. We FaceTime and chat every day. They are lucky to have my two brothers at home with them for company, getting the shopping and helping around the house but they really miss seeing their grandchildren. Sleepovers, trips to the local beach and lots of treats are planned for when we get back to normal.

Back to your school work! This is a ‘menu’ of work, not prescribed, so please complete what fits with your own household and present circumstances including plenty of outdoor activity. I do not expect all work to be completed by all students. You need to access Mathemagic 3 and Abair Liom 3 on line so I have attached the links below. I have also attached the spelling lists in case you don’t have the book. Any work you find too difficult will be dealt with when school reopens. Think of me standing at the top of the classroom saying ‘Try your best’ and ‘Don’t worry’!


I have attached the answers for Mental Maths, English in Practice, SESE Unit 15 Electricity and Reading Zone on a separate page so you can self-correct. Get the red pen out and remember the rule, no x’s!! Either a tick or write in the correct answer.


Mental Maths

Week 29 plus Problem Solving


Revise x3 x11

Mathemagic 3

Go to

Tick the following boxes

Level Primary

Class 3rd

Subject Maths

Series Mathemagic

Title Mathemagic 3

Resources Online Book

Action Click ‘eye symbol’

Teacher note on Lines and Angles:

This week you will be identifying, describing and classifying vertical, horizontal and parallel lines. You will also learn to recognise an angle in terms of rotation. The last thing you will learn is to classify angles as greater than, less than or equal to a right angle.

You will need to read pages 131-134 to learn/understand the different lines/angles. Once you have read through the chapter, you can find examples in your house and outside in your garden.

Chapter 28 Lines and Angles

Read pages 131-134

Answer questions on pages 131-133 orally

Look at page 134 and complete questions 1,2,3 by making a paper right angle.

Explain simply in your homework copy:

Horizontal and Vertical

Parallel lines


Right angles

You also have the option of looking at these tutorial links of ‘Lines and Angles’ from Busy at Maths 3

1.Vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines

2.Lines in the environment

3.Parallel or not parallel?

4. Make a right angle


English in Practice

Days 91-95

My Spelling Workbook

Spellings-Unit 14

( Suffixes:-less,-ness, -ly)

Choose 5 activities to complete in the unit.

***Differentiated work*** 10 spellings/every second one/

unit 14 Contractions

Reading Zone

Read Unit 22

‘The Frightened Scarecrow’

Complete activities A, B, C, D,

E (Grammar!!)


Small World ( History Book)

Unit 11 Schools and Education

1.Read pages 54-58 and complete activities A and B page 59

2. Find out about how your parents or grandparents were taught and what they learned when they were in primary school.

3.Look at the copperplate handwriting and write the word ‘Education’ in a similar way.

4.Retell in your own words what you have learned about schools 100 years ago in Ireland.

It is advisable to use a laptop (if you have one) to read the work assigned as some of the images may have disturbed the formatting on mobile devices.

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