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3rd Class Work 25th-28th May

Hi Rang a Trí!

I hope you are all well and in good form. It’s hard to believe this is the last week of May. Do you feel the time is going slow at home or are the weeks flying by?! I feel it’s Monday and the next thing it’s Friday! Thanks again for the e-mails I received and the samples of work. It’s lovely to see other activities too, such as baking and outdoor activities. Please feel free to send me an e mail at any stage and I love receiving works samples or pictures.

As the weather was good again, we spent a lot of time outdoors at my house. The garden tap is a major attraction and if there’s silence, I know they are messing with the water! My kids love filling buckets and splashing each other with the hose. My youngest pretends she is jumping in ‘muddy puddles’. I wonder where she got that from?!!! We went for a few walks, baked a ‘Victoria Sponge’ (cake with jam&cream!), spent a lot of time talking to our lovely neighbour across the road and I listened to a lot of imaginary play! I don't need to go to the shop, library, doctor, pet shop, hospital, school or hair salon as I have them all on my doorstep! You may think all is perfect in my house but let me tell you there’s lots of squabbling, arguing and nagging at each other (this is between the kids of course!). I usually let them sort out their own battles but sometimes I have to intervene with various consequences!!

Back to your school work! The topic of the week in maths is ‘multiplication’. You will learn some interesting facts and meet the words ‘commutative’ and ‘distributive’. I’d love you to use ‘Hit the Button’ for your division tables. You will learn about ‘Materials’ in Science and your theme in Gaeilge is ‘Caitheamh Aimsire’. I hope you try your best to listen to the story ‘An Bradán Feasa’ (The Salmon of Knowledge). English this week is the normal R.Z, E.I.P and S.W. How many times did we write these abbreviations on the board during the year and in your homework journals!!! I have included an art activity that looks simple but is a challenge! Please send me some of your pictures if you complete this activity.

Once again……This is a ‘menu’ of work, not prescribed, so please complete what fits with your own household and present circumstances including plenty of outdoor activity.

I do not expect all work to be completed by all students. I know some of you have collected your books from school so hopefully using the books for Irish and maths will be easier for you. You can still access the books on line to complete the work. You can work four days this week or spread the work over five days as Fri. 29th was due to be a school closure.

If you have any academic questions or queries, you can contact me at the following e mail address msleonardrockfieldns@gmail.com

Do not be afraid to email me if you need clarification/answers or suggested solutions to anything. You can also e-mail me some of your work or a screenshot of it! I would love to see any art work or other activities you are doing outside. I am always delighted to hear from children and parents. Have a good week and I hope you and your family stay safe, healthy and happy! Ms. Leonard

3rd Class Menu of Work 25th-28th May