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4th class - 20th - 24th April

Hi Rang a Ceathair!

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter holidays (especially the chocolate!) and you are all keeping safe and well.

The following list is a suggested outline of work for the coming week (20/04/20 – 24/04/20). Please do not feel under pressure to get everything completed- do what you can.

I will post answers, where possible, on the blog for self-correction.


Mental Maths – Week 29 (including problems and Friday review)

MatheMagic 4 – Chapter 32 –Money pgs 142 – 147

Please note: You may do every second sum and go back and do the remaining sums if you have time. Do what best suits you :)

Please note: there are video tutorials explaining the concept of Money, that you may find useful to watch before you begin at:



pg 142 – Multiplication of money

No1 – Follow the examples in the yellow boxes at the top of the page.

No. 2 - When rounding to estimate, remember if the number is above .50 we round up, if the number is below .50 we round down.

No. 3 – Look at the pictures to find the cost of one item and then multiply by the number of items

No. 4, 5, 6 – Look for the cost of one item, then multiply by the number of items. Don’t forget No. 6 has two parts, as you also need to find your change from 50 euro.

pg 143- Division of money

This page covers the division of money. Remember the four ways to write a division sum (pg 32). Use your tables and count in groups. Don’t forget to take it number by number as the sums get bigger and carry over your remainder.

pg 144 – Division

This page is a continuation of division.

No 1 & 2 Look at the pictures and divide by the number of apples/oranges you need to find the cost of.

No 3, 4 & 5 – Read the word problems carefully. Look at the pictures for the amount of Litres/ packets in one item and make sure you look for key words in the problems e.g. how much per litre? What do you save?

pg 145 – Problems

The word problems on this page may involve multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting. There may be two or three parts to each problem (particularly as you work down through the page) so watch out for key words such as:

What change do I get? What is the cost of each? How much more do I need?

pg 146 – Problems

This page is similar to the previous page. The problems may include multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting. Please look at the pictures carefully and read the questions slowly, picking out your key language. The problems get trickier as you go down the page and may require 2/3 parts.

Note: It is not necessary to complete all 20 problems. Please select some problems from each section (pink, green and blue) and do what best suits your child.


English in Practice Days 106 – 110

Spelling Workbook: Unit 13 – Spring/Easter pgs 50 – 53

Novel: Read Chapter 6 of ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ (You can space out your reading over two days if you find it too much)

Work based on chapter 6:

· Write a summary (important points) of the chapter

· Pick your five favourite words from the chapter and put them into a sentence each

Read Chapter 7 of the story (Again, you can spread out your reading over the remaining three days of the week)

Activities based on Chapter 7:

· Character study: Make a list of words you would use to describe Michael, from what you have learned about him from the story so far. Explain why you have chosen the words you have, by using examples from the story, e.g. I think Michael was adventurous as he was excited when his parents decided to sail around the world.

· Find two descriptive sentences in chapter 7 which contain at least three adjectives (describing words) and write them in your copy

· Art Activity: Illustrate Kensuke’s cave house based on the description on pgs 101-103

Please note: Amazon are doing free audiobooks for 30 days. Click the link below and sign up for your free trial (you can cancel online anytime). It may be helpful to read along with the audiobook.



To register with Folens and gain access to their resources please go to http://www.folensonline.ie/registration and register as a teacher. For roll number please use: Prim20

Éist leis an scéal: Póstaer 15 -Na séasúir, lch 122 & 123

(Listen to the story – Poster 15 – The Seasons) pg 122 & 123 in Abair Liom

Déan G, lch 128 An Aimsir – Féach amach agus tarraing an aimsir ar maidin agus sa tráthnóna gach lá

(G, pg 128 – The Weather – Look out every morning and afternoon and write and draw the weather you see. You can copy the grid from the book)

Déan H, Lch 128 An ceann corr

(H, pg 128 – The odd one out – Write the four weather terms and circle the odd one out)

Dán – ‘An Aimsir’

Amhrán – ‘Ní Maith Liom an Ghrian’

(Listen to the poem ‘An Aimsir’ and the song ‘Ní Maith Liom an Ghrian’ on folensonline.ie and begin to learn them)

Online resources: TG4 Cúla 4- Watch 10-15 minutes 2/3 times this week

SESE: ‘Small World- History’

Read Chapter 15 pg 74- 76 –Great Irish Musical Maestros

Complete the following activities on pg 77:

A, 1-5 Can you remember?

B, 1-4 Choose the correct answer to complete each sentence.

C, 1-4 Think about it.

D- No. 1 Get creative

E- No.3 Find out if there are any songs or music connected with your local area.

You may want to listen to some samples of music from Turlough O’ Carolan or Seán O’ Ríada. Youtube has a good variety from both musicians.


Grow in Love Theme 8 The Church – Lesson 1 – The Holy Spirit, Giver of Gifts. This can be accessed online. www.growinlove.ie – Go to the login section and add the email trial@growinlove.ie and the password growinlove


Online, free to access classes – Joe Wick’s kid’s PE lessons, gonoodle.com

· www.worldofdavidwalliams.com/elevenses - Free audio short story daily

Take care everyone and stay safe

Ms. Murray

If you have any academic questions or queries, you can email me on msmurrayrockfieldns@gmail.com

Feel free to send me pictures of some of the work completed to the above email address. I would love to see how everyone is getting on and offer feedback if required!