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4th class Menu of Work 18th - 22nd May

Hi everyone,

I hope you all enjoyed your week and managed to get some schoolwork done, whilst also enjoying the fabulous weather!

Thank you again to those who have emailed me, with pictures and samples of work. It is great to hear how you are getting on. I am very proud of all the work you are doing at home and also love to hear about all the books you have been reading and outdoor activities you have been enjoying! I also love hearing about special occasions you have been celebrating at home – like very important tenth birthdays! :)

I would like to see some work from those I have not heard from yet also. Please pick your favourite piece and send it onto me. I have included a fun project in our menu of work this week and I am really looking forward to seeing it when it is finished!

The following list is a suggested outline of work for the coming week (18/05/20 – 22/05/20), please follow the link below. As always, please do not feel under pressure to get everything completed- do what you can.

I will post answers, where possible, on the blog for self-correction.

If you have any academic questions or queries or any work you would like to send on, you can email me on msmurrayrockfieldns@gmail.com

Enjoy the weekend everyone

Ms. Murray

4th class Menu of Work 18th - 22nd May

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