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4th Class Menu of work 27th April - 1st May

Hi Rang a Ceathair!

I hope everyone is well this week and have been outside in the sunshine! I hope you are all enjoying your schoolwork and trying your best! I miss you all. Hopefully we will be back in our classroom soon :)

The following list is a suggested outline of work for the coming week (27/04/20 – 01/05/20). As always, please do not feel under pressure to get everything completed- do what you can.

I will post answers, where possible, on the blog for self-correction.


I would like you to revise some of your multiplication tables this week. We can take a few sets each week. This week, let’s try our x2 and x3 tables. Maybe you would even like to test yourself on a Friday!

Mental Maths – Week 30 (including problems and Friday review)

MatheMagic 4 – Chapter 33- Time pgs 150 - 153

Please note: there are games and video tutorials explaining the concept of Time that you may find useful to watch and play before you begin at:





pg 150

No1 – Begin by reading the information in the yellow box the top of the page. Remember, there are 60 minutes in an hour. In No1, you have to write the minutes in hours and minutes.

No. 2 – This is the opposite of No 1. This time you are changing the hrs and mins into minutes only (remember 60 mins = 1 hour, 120 mins =2 hours)

No. 3 – Again, change the times into minutes only. There are also fractions in this question. (Hint: if you are not sure, divide 60 by the bottom of the fraction and multiply by the top)

No. 4 – Read the story carefully and complete the table.

No. 5 – Adding hrs and mins- Remember to add the minutes first

No. 6 – In this question, you need to use your answers from No. 5 and match them with the times on the digital watches.

pg 151 Adding hours and minutes

Read the example at the top of the page and follow the pictures of the clocks to work out the answers.

No 1. – Read Jan’s story carefully and fill in the table.

No 2. - Adding hrs and mins- the tutorial link above, explaining adding hours and minutes would be very beneficial to watch, before completing this question. Remember to add the minutes first – the largest answer you can have on the minute’s side is 59. If your answer is higher than this, you need to put your 60 minutes over to the hour’s side. There is also a hint beside the sums that require you to Rename ®

No 3 - In this question, you need to use your answers from No. 2 and match them with the times on the digital watches.

pg 152 Adding hours and minutes

This page is a continuation of adding hours and minutes.

No 1 – Read ‘Painting my House’ carefully and write the correct times in the table

No. 2 – Read ‘Homework Time’ slowly and carefully and answer questions a) & b)

No. 3 – In this question, we are asked to write the times in minutes only (Remember- 60 minutes = 1 hour)

No 4 - the tutorial link above, explaining subtracting hours and minutes would be very beneficial to watch, before completing this question. There is again a hint in this question with the ® where you need to rename.

No 5 - In this question, you need to use your answers from No. 4 and match them with the times on the digital watches.

Pg 153 Timetables

On this page, it is necessary to read the bus timetable and the TV timetable carefully and answer the questions on both.


English in Practice Days 111 – 115

Spelling Workbook: Dictation – Please find your dictation sentences, based on your spelling list from last week on the blog, under the heading ‘Dictation & Spelling Workbook C/E answers’. This may be a good way to test your spellings on a Friday or it can be used as an activity to practise your cursive handwriting during the week.

Novel: Read Chapter 8 of ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ (You can space out your reading over two days if you find it too much)

Work based on chapter 8:

· Answer the following questions:

1. What was Kensuke’s job before he lived on the island?

2. Why does Kensuke think that his wife and son are now dead?

3. Why did Kensuke not want to see people ever again before Michael arrived on the island?

4. Michael thinks he smells vinegar when he first wakes in Kensuke’s cave after being stung by the jellyfish. What do we find out about it here?

· Does Kensuke’s story in this chapter change how you feel about him? How?

If you could add three more lines to Michael’s note in the Coke bottle, what would they be?

Why do you think Michael felt so guilty about putting the message in the bottle?

Read Chapter 9 of the story (Again, you can spread out your reading over the remaining three days of the week)

Activities based on Chapter 9:

· Michael feels a ‘weight of guilt’ on his shoulders after Kensuke finds the bottle. Write about a time when you felt guilty about something. How did you overcome it?

· Write down 6 facts you learned by reading this chapter

· Draw what you see: Read the following lines from the story (pg 141 & 142) and draw what you visualise:

‘It was a minuscule turtle, tinier than a terrapin, clambering out of a hole in the sand and then beetling off down the beach towards the sea. Then another, and another, and further down the beach dozens of them, hundreds I could see now, maybe thousands, all scuttling across the moonlit sand into the sea. Everywhere the beach was alive with them’

Please note: Amazon are doing free audiobooks for 30 days. Click the link below and sign up for your free trial (you can cancel online anytime). It may be helpful to read along with the audiobook.



To register with Folens and gain access to their resources please go to http://www.folensonline.ie/registration and register as a teacher. For roll number please use: Prim20

Éist leis an scéal: Póstaer 16 –An Aimsir ar fud an domhain, lch, 130

(Listen to the story – Poster 16 – Weather Around the World) pg 130 in Abair Liom :


lch 131 Freagair na ceisteanna 1-7 ( Try your best to answer the questions based on the story. Remember to look for clues in the question e.g. look for words used in the question, in the story)

Déan D lch. 132 – Cé chomh minic? An Aimsir in Éirinn – go minic, anois is arís (How often? Weather in Ireland – often or now and then)

(Read the weather sentences and try your best to separate them into categories of often (go minic) or now and then (anois is arís)

Here is a link to some vocabulary that may help you:


Then click on Focail agus frásaí – An aimsir

Comhrá lch 133 Éist agus léigh (Conversation, pg 133 Listen and read)


Dán – ‘An Aimsir’

Amhrán – ‘Ní Maith Liom an Ghrian’

(Listen to the poem ‘An Aimsir’ and the song ‘Ní Maith Liom an Ghrian’ on folensonline.ie and continue to learn them)

Online resources: TG4 Cúla 4- Keep watching this a few times a week

SESE: ‘Small World- Geography and Science’

Read Chapter 15: ‘Forces’ pg 88

Complete the activities on pg 90: 1-5 and A & B on pg 92

You can try one of the experiments on pgs 90 & 91 using materials you have in the house:

Investigate: Ramps and Friction pg 90

Investigate: What is a Fulcrum? Pg 91


Grow in Love Theme 8 The Church – Lesson 2 – The Church is One Family of God. This can be accessed online. www.growinlove.ie – Go to the login section and add the email trial@growinlove.ie and the password growinlove


Online, free to access classes – Joe Wick’s kid’s PE lessons, gonoodle.com

Take care everyone and stay safe

Ms. Murray

If you have any academic questions or queries, you can email me on msmurrayrockfieldns@gmail.com

Feel free to send me pictures of some of the work completed to the above email address. I would love to see how everyone is getting on and offer feedback if required!