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4th class Menu of Work 2nd - 5th June

Hi 4th class,

Hope everyone is keeping well this week! We have once again been blessed with wonderful weather. I hope you are all getting the opportunity to enjoy it!

I know many of you have been busy putting the finishing touches on your Solar System projects. I am so impressed by the detail and standard of work you have put into the projects – you should be so proud of yourselves. I also received some more film reviews. ‘Sing’ and ‘The Lion King’ are two more to add to my list!

We have only a few weeks left in 4th class so let's try to keep going with our schoolwork for the month of June. I know it can be difficult at times but I am so proud of the way you have all adjusted to our new circumstances. Let's keep trying our best for the last few weeks!

We have a four day week again this week due to the Bank holiday.

The following list is a suggested outline of work for the four days (2/06/20 – 5/06/20), please follow the link below. As always, please do not feel under pressure to get everything completed- do what you can.

I will post answers, where possible, on the blog for self-correction.

If you have any academic questions or queries or any work you would like to send on, you can email me on msmurrayrockfieldns@gmail.com

Have a lovely weekend,

Ms. Murray

4th class Menu of Work 2nd -5th June

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