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5th class menu of work 18th- 22nd May 2020

15th May 2020

Dear Parents and children,

I hope you are all keeping well and that you and your families have had a good week at home. Isn’t it just wonderful to have such beautiful weather? I’m sure you and your families are enjoying time outdoors. I’d love to hear how you are all spending the bright, dry days together. My little boy was ‘swimming’ in his paddling pool last Saturday but a few days later, he had his gloves, hat and coat on for our evening walks! At least it’s been dry and sunny, so we are very grateful for that!

I am still waiting on quite a few students to make contact with me. I would really like to hear from every boy and girl in 5th class this week, even just to say hi. It is ok if you don't have all the work completed so don't let that stop you getting in contact. I miss you and would just love to hear from you!

If you are having any difficulties with the work assigned, if you have any questions or suggestions or if you would just like to say hi, email me at

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

God bless, stay safe,

Ms Horkan


5th class Homework 18th -22nd May 2020


· English in Practice: (15 mins per day) days 109-113

· My Spelling Workbook: (5 mins per day) well done 5th class- we have now reached the end of My Spelling Workbook F! As we still have six weeks of school left, I am going to ask you to do revision of all the spellings for the next 6 weeks. As there are 18 units in MSW, we will revise 3 units per week. I will choose 8 spellings from each unit, thus giving you 24 spellings each week. As you won’t have the written activities to complete, I hope this not too many spellings for you. If we do it like this, we will have revised the whole book by the last day of this school year. Click HERE for the spellings this week. Get your parents or a sibling to test you on Friday! Let me know how you get on! Why not send me your corrected spelling test on Friday? I know we have excellent spellers in 5th class so I look forward to hearing from you on

· Reading Zone: (15 mins per day) Unit 30 – Ex Poser - page 140-142 and questions A-G on pages 143+144 (you could break it down as follows if you like: Monday A, Tuesday B+C, Wednesday D+E, Thursday F and Friday G)

· Novel: The Secret Garden- Frances Hodgson Burnett. Read Chapter 13 and 14 this week. After reading, write a short summary of what you have read (1 copy page for the two chapters) (40 mins THIS WEEK)


· Tables: try this tables speed test every day for 5 mins- log on at -it asks which tables you want to learn- choose ‘ALL TABLES’ and start the speed test! (5 mins per day)

· Mental Maths: week 31 (including problem solving & Friday review) (15 mins per day)

· Mathemagic 5: Chapter 28- Area- page 121-126

o Monday Page 121 Q1-4 +122 Q1+2, Tuesday: Page 123, Wednesday Page 124 Q1+ Q2 a+c , Thursday Page 125 Q4 a+b, Q5 a+b, Q6 a+b and Q10 Friday page 126 Q4,5,9,10,14,15 (20 mins per day)

o You can test yourself on finding area and perimeter with this link

o You can work out the area of rectangular shapes with this link

o You can work out the area and perimeter of irregular shapes by clicking this link

GAEILGE (20 mins per day)

· Abair Liom: Caibidil 18- Clann Lir (Children of Lir) lch 130-137 (if you don’t have your Irish books at home, you can access the book online at Folens Parents and students must register as a teacher to get access to all resources. You need to fill in your name, email address, password and roll number (Prim20)

o Monday léigh an scéal (read the story) ar lch 130-131 agus freagair na ceisteanna A1-5

o Tuesday léigh an scéal arís (read the story again) ar lch 130-131 agus freagair na ceisteanna A6-9

o Wednesday léigh an scéal arís (read the story again) ar lch 130-131 agus freagair ceist B. Déan achoimre ar an scéal (do a summary of the story)

o Thursday) léigh an comhrá ar lch 132. Freagair ceist D. ‘Cé chomh minic is a…?’ (how often is…?) ar lch 132

o (Friday) léigh an comhrá arís ar lch 132. Freagair ceist G-Briathra: An Aimsir Fháistineach- briathra neamhrialta (verbs: future tense- irregular verbs) feic (see), ith (eat) to help you with this work, you can look at the verb pages at the back of your book - pages 179, 180, 181, 182- click and type in the page number.

EXTRA WORK: You can also do some of the extra Irish activities below if you like:

· Léamh (reading): - Léigh an scéal ‘Scannan Scanrúil lch 26-28 from the Irish reader we were reading in class, ‘Rothar Nua’ –click to access the book online, then enter your name, email address and choose ‘student’ then just go to page 26.

· TV programme on TG4 - Cúla4 Ar Scoil -weekdays from 10-10.30am, click to visit the website.

RELIGION (20 mins per day)

· Pope Francis prayer for protection against coronavirus- click for online link.

· Grow in Love: Theme 9: We are Called to Love and Serve the Church- Lesson 1: Exploring the Diocese- Read through pages 98-101. You can access the online activities for this lesson by going to insert this email address and password growinlove - choose Fifth class/P7, Theme 9: We are Called to Love and Serve the Church- Lesson 1: Exploring the Diocese.

· Look at the poster which shows us the 4 Church provinces and 26 Catholic dioceses

· Watch the video of ‘The Role of a Bishop’ and ‘How a Dioceses Works’

· Test yourself with the interactive activity ‘name that diocese’

· There is also a lovely song which you could learn called ‘The Servant Song’, a beautiful prayer and some reflective music for you to play when you are reading and working on religion.

· Journal exercise: answer all the questions on page 98.

· Q. Make a list of the Catholic Dioceses found in each Church province in Ireland (you can use the online map to help you

· Q. From what you have learned about all of the things that happen in the local parish and diocese, what do you find the most interesting and why?

· Discuss what you learned this week with your parents/guardians.

SESE (30 mins per day)

Small World History: Unit 16+17- The Great Famine (Part One and Part Two) pages 76-85– click to view book online

· Monday: Read pages 76+77+78 and answer Qs A+B page 79

· Tuesday: Read pages 80+81+82 and answer Qs 1-5 page 82

· Wednesday: Read pages 83+84 and answer Qs A+B page 85

· Thursday: Re-read Unit 16+17- pages 76-85 and answer Qs C1+2+3 page 85

· Friday: Re-read Unit 16+17- pages 76-85 and answer Qs C4+5 page 85

· Ask an adult or sibling to ask you questions 1-8 on page 86.

Here are a few websites if you would like to investigate The Great Famine further!

· Information about the Great Famine

· Information about life in a workhouse

· Information about how the Choctaw tribe helped the Irish during the Great Famine

· Information about the Irish who emigrated to Canada

· Information about the contribution of the Quakers

Some more questions once you have finished reading this chapter…

1. Who were the Quakers and how did they help people during the Great Famine?

2. Can you name three ways in which landlords acted cruelly during the Great Famine?

3. What do you think the British Government should have done when the potato crop failed in 1845 in order to prevent the Great Famine?

4. Think of three policies that the British Government could have implemented in 1846 to ease the suffering caused by the failure of the potato crop.

5. List the ways in which the Great Famine has affected life in Ireland today.

MUSIC: (10 mins per day)

· Music Generation: I am sending the link to the bank of music lessons that have been prepared especially by Karl for 5th class Music Generation students. There is a considerable amount of work that will keep you all musically engaged, and it is sectioned off in weeks so that you can get started easily. It includes lesson instructions and activities and links to tutorial videos. Karl and Music Generation said they hope you enjoy the remote learning pack which has been tailored to your class and specifically for remote learning. Click to get started!! Let me know how you are getting on with it and I can contact Karl if you have any questions.

· Let’s continue with a new tin whistle tune again this week- ‘Molly Malone’. Here’s a link to the melody before you start, just in case you don’t already know it!!! You can find the notes in the same booklet as before–click to access the booklet online.

Remember to practice in a quiet place on your own, maybe in your room and be sure not to annoy other people in your house when you are practicing!


· We all know that having empathy is important because it helps us understand how others are feeling so we can respond with understanding to the situation. I would like you to think about and imagine what life was like for the starving people during the Great Famine. Compare the life of a tenant farmer’s 11-year-old child in 1849 with your life today. You could write a few lines, compose a poem, draw, sketch or paint about how hard it must have been to be starving, poor, sad, scared, cold and possibly sick too.

· How did you get on with the ‘Gratitude Journal’? Try to continue it again this week as it is a worthwhile activity. I would really love to hear how you get on with this work.


· Draw or paint a scene from the Great Famine. Look at images of the Great Famine at Use these as inspiration for your own pictures of the Great Famine. You could draw or paint a picture of a coffin ship. Will it be a sad, a scary or a haunting picture?



· I would like you to complete some of these fitness challenges again this week. Did anyone complete the challenges with someone else in your house or beat your own record last week?! As always, send me pictures/videos of you and your family taking part in this fitness challenge on

· Go Noodle: great for warm up activities

· Joe Wicks- Bodycoach- Try to do a 30-minute kid’s workouts every day!

Whatever exercise you do every day to keep fit and healthy, be safe and have fun!

A few other ideas if you have some free time!!

READING: It is so important that you read every day.

· You can access a huge range of books on this website!/ Username: wbsupport Password: distancelearn

· David Walliams audiobook stories are available from 11am every day at

· Go to and do some coding activities.

· Watch 'School on TV' Live on RTÉ 2 weekdays from 11am-12pm

· BBC Bitesize have three new lessons every weekday, with videos, activities and more- click


5th class RZ unit 29 5th class EIP days 104-108 5th class MSW Unit 18 Mathemagic 5- pages 119-120 5th class Mental Maths week30 a b 5th class SESE Geography and science-Unit 15 Abair Liom 5- Pairc an Chrocaigh- lch 125

Abair Liom 5- Pairc an Chrocaigh- lch 128

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