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5th class menu of work 1st-5th June 2020

29th May 2020

Dear Parents and children,

I hope you are all keeping well and that you and your families have had another great week at home.

It seems the glorious weather we have been enjoying is due to last for this bank holiday weekend and into next week 😎 so I’m sure you will all get out to enjoy every warm and sunny minute! It's silage time in this house so we are really hoping it stays dry! My little boy will definitely be on the farm to watch the tractors and silage wagons bring the mowed grass in to the farmyard and we will watch the men build the big pit, load by load. He will also be looking to splash about a bit more in his little swimming pool, so we really hope the weather forecasters are right!

Thanks to those pupils who contacted me again this week, both with work and to say hi. I am going to award a special Certificate for Engagement to those children who are working hard and staying in touch so keep the work and emails coming and keep an eye on the 5th class blog next week to see if you are a lucky winner. You are all doing great so keep it up! Do a little every day and do it well.

If you are having any difficulties with the work assigned, if you have any questions or suggestions or just want to say hi, email me at fifthclassmshorkan@gmail.com.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend, God bless, stay safe and happy,

Ms Horkan


5th class Homework 1st-5th June 2020


· English in Practice: (15 mins per day) days 119-123

· My Spelling Workbook: (5 mins per day) as we have reached the end of My Spelling Workbook we are now revising all spellings, 24 spellings each week. Get your parents or a sibling to test you on Friday! Click HERE for the spellings this week.

· Novel: (60 mins THIS WEEK) The Secret Garden- Frances Hodgson Burnett. Read Chapter 18, 19, 20 this week. After reading, answer these questions

1. Chapter 18:

- Why is this chapter called ‘Tha’ munnot waste no Time’?

- What does Martha’s mother say are the two worst things that can happen to a child? Do you agree?

2. Chapter 19

- Who says the title phrase ‘It has Come!’ and why?

- What animals does Dickon bring with him on his first visit to Colin?

3. Chapter 20

- Who is Mr. Roach? What does the narrator mean by saying that Mr. Roach was “much relieved to hear that the oaks might remain and that the orchards were safe’?

- How does Colin get to the garden?

- Why is the title of this chapter “I shall live forever”?


· Tables: continue with this tables speed test every day for 5 mins- log on at https://www.timestables.com/speed-test/ -it asks which tables you want to learn- choose ‘ALL TABLES’ and start the speed test! (5 mins per day)

· Mental Maths: week 33 (including problem solving & Friday review) (15 mins per day)

· Mathemagic 5: (20 mins per day)

Chapter 30- The Circle- page 131-134 and Chapter 31- Rules and Properties pages 135-138 – you will need your COMPASS and CALCULATOR this week

(Monday page 131+132, Tuesday page 133, Wednesday page 134, Thursday page 135+136 (every second question i.e. Q1 a+b+c, Q3 a+b+c etc), Friday page 137+138 (every THIRD question i.e. Q1, Q4, Q7, Q10 etc)

1. You can test yourself on naming different parts of the circle with this link


2. Here is a great tutorial on how to draw a circle


3. Here is an excellent tutorial on how to find the area of a circle


GAEILGE (20 mins per day)

· Abair Liom: Caibidil 19 Féile an tSamhraidh (Summer Festival) lgh. 138–143

you can access the book online at Folens https://www.folensonline.ie/registration/ Parents and students must register as a teacher to get access to all resources. You need to fill in your name, email address, password and roll number (Prim20

o Monday éist leis an scéal digiteach (listen to the digital story click here for link) agus freagair na ceisteanna (answer the online questions click here for link) ansin léigh an scéal (read the story) ar lch 138 (click here for link or here for word version )

o Tuesday Léigh an bileoigín (read the flyer) ar lch. 139, freagair ceist 1-5 If you don’t have your dictionary, use www.focloir.ie to look up any words you are not sure of.

o Wednesday Léigh an bileoigín arís (read the flyer again) ar lch. 139, freagair ceist 6-9

o Thursday: Lch 142- Grammadach: An Aimsir Fháistineach – briathra neamhrialta (Grammar: future tense: irregular verbs)tabhair (give), tar (come)

o Friday: leigh an dán ‘Bainseó(read the poem ‘Banjo’) ar lch. 141. Is rabhlóga é. Cé comh tapa agus is feidir leat an dán a rá? It is a tongue twister! How fast can you say it? Try the other tongue twisters on page 141!!

EXTRA WORK: You can also do some of the extra Irish activities below if you like:

· Léamh (reading): - Léigh an scéal ‘Féile an tSamhraidh’ (Summer Festival) lgh. 69-72 from the Irish reader we were reading in class, ‘Rothar Nua’ –click https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/33895/71 to access the book online, then enter your name, email address and choose ‘student’ then just go to page 69.

· TV programme on TG4 - Cúla4 Ar Scoil -weekdays from 10-10.30am, click https://www.cula4.com/en/shows/cula4-ar-scoil/ to visit the website.

RELIGION (20 mins per day)

· Pope Francis prayer for protection against coronavirus- click https://www.sacredspace.ie/pope-francis-coronavirus-prayer for online link.

· Grow in Love: Theme 10: The Mass- Lesson 1: On the Road to Emmaus- Read through pages 106-109.

You can access the online activities for this lesson by going to www.growinlove.ie insert this email address trial@growinlove.ie and password growinlove - choose Fifth class/P7, Theme 10: The Mass- Lesson 1: On the Road to Emmaus

· Watch the video ‘About Special Meals’

· Journal exercise: .

  • page 106: choose three Scripture references from the list on page 106- look them up and write them out and decorate them. which is your favourite and why?

  • After reading ‘The Walk to Emmaus’ (Luke 24:13-35) pages 106+107, orally answer the questions on page 108.

  • In your own words, write what eucharist, consecration and transubstantiation mean.

- Take the online ‘Mass Quiz’

- Listen to (and/or learn!) song ‘The Welcome Table’

Discuss what you learned this week with your parents/guardians.

SESE (30 mins per day)

Small World History: Unit 19- The Industrial Revolution pages 86-91– click https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/7425/88 to view book online

· Monday: Read pages 86+87 and answer Qs 1-4 page 88

· Tuesday: Read pages 88+89+90 and answer Qs A+B page 91

· Wednesday: Re- read pages 88+89+90 and answer Qs C2 and C4 page 91

· Thursday: Read pages 88+89+90 and answer one question from D. Get Creative on page 91

· Friday: Look up some of the websites below and test yourself with this quiz! Click HERE for quiz.

Here are a few websites if you would like to investigate The Industrial Revolution further!

· A short comprehensive video about the Industrial Revolution.


Photographs of the Harland and Wolff Shipyard


Information about life for children in Victorian Britain


Good website covering many aspects of the Industrial Revolution


Some more questions and activities (optional) once you have finished reading this chapter…

· Write a fact-file about improvements in transport during the Industrial Revolution.

· You are a reporter for the Belfast Times and are going to interview workers in a linen mill. What questions will you ask them about their working and living conditions?

· Write the phrase ‘Industrial Revolution’ in the middle of a page and create a spider diagram linking with it all the terms you associate with the Industrial Revolution.

· Why do you think Catholic workers in Belfast were given the worst paid jobs?

· Write 10 interesting facts that you have learned about the Industrial Revolution from this unit.

MUSIC: (10 mins per day)

· Music Generation: How are you enjoying the music lessons from Karl which he devised especially for 5th class Music Generation students? I would LOVE to see a clip of you playing. Is ANYONE at all brave enough to send me a clip of you playing? Even a sound clip? Here is the link again https://msletb-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/musicgenerationsligo_msletb_ie/EpKVTXFxKohGktYiiRsJ3NgBlcrLJOIKvVeMQt4KqU2wYg?e=Vi1upt

· Let’s continue with a new tin whistle tune again this week- ‘Harry Potter (Hedwig's Theme) Here’s the link to the tin whistle tutorial with tabs & notes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2m0E3D_lG4&list=PLQadz4_Sz9ChOwj-s2LAExtSeSf7ISvwq

Remember to practice in a quiet place on your own, maybe in your room and be sure not to annoy other people in your house when you are practicing!


· How did you get on with your Family Appreciation Worksheet? I hope it was a fun family activity.

· This week as the weather is so nice and I’m sure you will all be out in the garden or around the village and out for walks, I’d like you to be mindful of nature when you are out and about. There is so much to pay attention to all around us, all the time, singing blackbirds and swooping swallows, trees in full bloom and bumblebees busy looking for flowers. So, use the following websites to help you identify trees, birds and insects as you take notice of all the beautiful and wonderful things everywhere.”

· Click HERE to learn about trees – learn about a new one every day. Or, click here to learn how to spot a tree you like and identify it.

· This is a great resource for Nature Detectives! http://www.treetoolsforschools.org.uk/categorymenu/?cat=activities

· Here you will find all kinds of useful information to help you identify your garden birds and help make your garden more friendly to birds and biodiversity https://birdwatchireland.ie/irelands-birds-birdwatch-ireland/garden-birds/


Did anyone apply for the IT Sligo art competition? With so many exceptional artists in 5th class, I hope you put your talents to good use and try to win yourself a prize! Best of luck to everyone who entered!

· This week I’d like you to try Pebble Art. On your next walk, look for some nice smooth pebbles. Decorate them when you get home using paints/ glue/ felt-tips etc be as creative as you can and why not send me a photo of your creation! Click HERE for some lovely ideas like this one below 🎈!



Water Safety Ireland's PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) programme have made their lessons available to parents and children. The lessons and activities outline the essential life-saving guidelines that every child needs to know. Learn skills that can save lives. The lessons and activities will guide children through Water Safety at home, on farms, in swimming pools, rivers, lakes and of course at the beach.

· All resources can also be found by visiting www.teachpaws.ie

· PAWS is now on the RTE Home School Hub available by clicking the link below:



Liam Óg and Sligo GAA have set some challenges for Rockfield NS pupils. I am sorry I forgot to send them last week, so I have the links for both weeks lessons below.

Week 1

5th class/6th class:

· Skills challenge https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jl2bPPCmjM&list=PLbAvjLA-cZu00WQGMd2krQk0p5AJIQG6s&index=12&t=0s (How many can you do in 1min on Monday, can you beat your score each day up to Friday)

· Learning activities https://learning.gaa.ie/sites/default/files/Snr%20Issue%204%20.pdf

Week 2

5th and 6th class:

· Skills exercise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNLinibZC7s&list=PLbAvjLA-cZu00WQGMd2krQk0p5AJIQG6s&index=21&t=0s

· Physical Exercise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gS4t7ibfDX8&list=PLbAvjLA-cZu2_eQy0tdGKH1J-V6Gd5guW&index=48

· Lesson activities: https://learning.gaa.ie/sites/default/files/Issue%205%20Senior%20Classes.pdf

A few other ideas if you have some free time!!

READING: It is so important that you read every day.

5th class answers for 25th-29th May

· English in Practice: days 114-118

· My Spelling Workbook: spelling list

· Mental Maths: week 32

· Mathemagic 5: Chapter 29- Directed Numbers- page 127-130 and Puzzles- page 139+140

· Abair Liom: Caibidil 18- Clann Lir lch 130-137

· Small World Geography and Science: Unit 18- Properties and characteristics of Materials pages 99-105

· Small World Geography and Science: Unit 18- Click HERE for quiz answers.