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5th Class menu of work 25th-29th May 2020 ✨

22nd May 2020

Dear Parents and children,

I hope you are all keeping well and that you and your families have had another good week at home. What a change in the weather today, This is the view from my window as I type!!!!!

Thank you to all my wonderful 5th class pupils who contacted me this week to say hi. It was just so lovely to hear from you and to hear how you and your families are spending your time at home! Some people are fishing, cycling, mountain climbing, shaving their dog (!!), keeping in touch with friends and one brilliant girl is even writing a novel! I posted a few pictures of some of the work I received this week on our blog on the school website. I am so proud of you for keeping up with the work even though it is hard and I am proud to show your work to everyone! Keep it coming!

Thanks to all the parents who collected books yesterday. If you are missing anything from your bag of books, it will be in school for you in September. I still have some copies but for the most part, you should have everything. I held a few unused copies in school for you to use in 6th class but there were not too many spares.

If you are having any difficulties with the work assigned, if you have any questions or suggestions or just want to say hi, email me at fifthclassmshorkan@gmail.com.

God bless, stay safe,

Ms Horkan


5th class Homework 25th-29th May 2020


· English in Practice: (15 mins per day) days 114-118

· My Spelling Workbook: (5 mins per day) as we have reached the end of My Spelling Workbook we are now revising all spellings, 24 spellings each week. Get your parents or a sibling to test you on Friday! Click HERE for the spellings this week.

· Reading Zone: well done 5th class- we have now reached the end of Reading Zone! As we still have five weeks of school left, I am going to ask you to use your RZ time on your novel.

· Novel: (60 mins THIS WEEK) The Secret Garden- Frances Hodgson Burnett. Read Chapter 15, 16, 17 this week. After reading, answer these questions

Chapter 15:

  • How does Colin change after Marys visits begin?

  • Why is this chapter called ‘Nest Building’? Can you think of two reasons?

Chapter 16

  • How is Mary changing? Who notices these changes?

  • Why does Colin throw most of his tantrums?

Chapter 17

  • How does Mary feel when Colin has the tantrum?

  • How does Mary help Colin get back to sleep?


· Tables: try this tables speed test every day for 5 mins- log on at https://www.timestables.com/speed-test/ -it asks which tables you want to learn- choose ‘ALL TABLES’ and start the speed test! (5 mins per day)

· Mental Maths: week 32 (including problem solving & Friday review) (15 mins per day)

· Mathemagic 5: (20 mins per day) Chapter 29- Directed Numbers- page 127-130 and Puzzles- page 139+140 (Monday page 127, Tuesday page 128, Wednesday page 129, Thursday page 130, Friday page 139+140)

1. You can test yourself on filling in the missing directed numbers on the number line with this link http://data.cjfallon.ie/resources/20707/BAM5_Tutorial_075/lessons/BAM5_Tutorial_075/index.html

2. You can work out some questions about thermometer temperatures with this link http://data.cjfallon.ie/resources/20707/BAM5_Tutorial_076/lessons/BAM5_Tutorial_076/index.html

GAEILGE (20 mins per day)

· Abair Liom: Caibidil 18- Clann Lir (Children of Lir) lch 130-137 (you can access the book online at Folens https://www.folensonline.ie/registration/ Parents and students must register as a teacher to get access to all resources. You need to fill in your name, email address, password and roll number (Prim20)

o Monday léigh an scéal arís (read the story) ar lch 130-131, freagair ceist F ‘Críochnaigh na haibirtí’ (finish the sentences) lch 133

o Tuesday léigh an scéal arís (read the story again) ar lch 130-131, freagair ceist H ‘Gramadach: An forainm reamhfhoclach: roimh’ (prepositional pronoun ‘of/ before’) and ceist I ‘Na fuaimeanna: ‘p’ agus ‘ph’; cuir na litreacha in ord’ (the sounds ‘p’ and ‘ph’. Put the spellings in order)

o Wednesday lch 136 'Léigh faoi chaitheamh aimsire Magda(read about Magdas’s hobbies) agus freagair ceist K ‘Scríobh faoi do chaiteamh aimsire féin’ (write about your own hobbies) you can copy the structure of Magda’s story and use the vocabulary boxes to help you write a few lines about your own hobbies

o Thursday and Friday: Ceist L- ‘scríobh an scéal’ (write the story) use the vocabulary boxes to help you write the story. Try to write one sentence for each word in the vocabulary boxes. If you don’t have your dictionary, use www.focloir.ie to look up any words you are not sure of before you begin. I would absolutely LOVE to see some of your finished work!

EXTRA WORK: You can also do some of the extra Irish activities below if you like:

· Léamh (reading): - Léigh an scéal ‘Fionn agus an Breadán Feasa’ (Fionn and the Salmon of Knowledge) lch 29-31 from the Irish reader we were reading in class, ‘Rothar Nua’ –click https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/33895/31 to access the book online, then enter your name, email address and choose ‘student’ then just go to page 29.

· TV programme on TG4 - Cúla4 Ar Scoil -weekdays from 10-10.30am, click https://www.cula4.com/en/shows/cula4-ar-scoil/ to visit the website.

RELIGION (20 mins per day)

· Pope Francis prayer for protection against coronavirus- click https://www.sacredspace.ie/pope-francis-coronavirus-prayer for online link.

· Grow in Love: Theme 9: We are Called to Love and Serve the Church- Lesson 2: The Sacrament of Holy Orders- Read through pages 102-105. You can access the online activities for this lesson by going to www.growinlove.ie insert this email address trial@growinlove.ie and password growinlove - choose Fifth class/P7, Theme 9: We are Called to Love and Serve the Church- Lesson 2: The Sacrament of Holy Orders.

· Watch the videos of ‘The Role of a Priest today’ and ‘Answering the Call to the Priesthood’ and ‘The Sacrament of Holy Orders’

· Listen to the song ‘The Summons’ and the reflective music which you can play when you are reading and working on religion.

· Journal exercise: write a letter to Fr Pat. Tell him what you learned about this week in religion and about his work as our parish priest in Coolaney Parish. Write about what you find most interesting about the work of a priest. Draw a picture of a time you met Fr Pat (at mass, at confession, in your school or classroom, at a family occasion in the church) Why not ask your parents if you could post this letter to Fr. Pat and brighten his day? He is such a kind and lovely person who does so much for us in Rockfield NS. I’m sure, like me, he misses you all very much and would love to hear from you. His address is Fr Patrick J. Holleran, Parochial House, Rockfield, Coolaney, Co. Sligo

· Discuss what you learned this week with your parents/guardians.

SESE (30 mins per day)

Small World Geography and Science: Unit 18- Properties and Characteristics of Materials pages 99-105– click https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/7424/101 to view book online

· Monday: Read pages 99+100 and answer Qs 1-8 page 101

· Tuesday: Read pages 101+102+103 and do the investigation on page 103- The Strength of Newspaper

· Wednesday: Re- read pages 99- 105 and answer Qs A+B

· Thursday: Read pages 104+105 and do the investigations

1. Does Air Take Up Space?

2. Does Air Have Weight?

3. Does Hot Air Rise? CLICK HERE for the three investigations

· Friday: Re-read Unit 17- pages 76-85 and ask an adult or sibling to ask you the following quiz! Click HERE for quiz.

Here are a few websites if you would like to investigate Properties and characteristics of Materials further!

A list of links to interactive activities on materials http://www.primaryhomeworkhelp.co.uk/revision/Science/changingmaterials.htm


· Interactive game on the properties of materials www.sciencekids.co.nz/gamesactivities/materialproperties.html

· Information about common materials www.strangematterexhibit.com/whatis.html

Some more questions and activities (optional) once you have finished reading this chapter…

1. List what you think are the essential materials for life to exist.

2. Describe the properties of a solid, a liquid and a gas. List examples of each.

3. Scavenger hunt: Walk around the house and find items made from glass, wood, metal, etc. Say whether each object is natural or man-made.

4. List as many types of metal as you can. List examples of items that are made using each.

5. List as many items that are made from oil as you can.

6. Draw a diagram showing the relationship between oxygen and carbon dioxide.

7. Write three facts about (a) air, (b) oxygen, (c) water, (d) nitrogen and (e) carbon dioxide.

MUSIC: (10 mins per day)

· Music Generation: I am re sending the link to the bank of music lessons that have been prepared especially by Karl for 5th class Music Generation students. Click https://msletb-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/g/personal/musicgenerationsligo_msletb_ie/EpKVTXFxKohGktYiiRsJ3NgBlcrLJOIKvVeMQt4KqU2wYg?e=Vi1upt I would LOVE to see a clip of you playing? Anyone brave enough?

· Let’s continue with a new tin whistle tune again this week- ‘Ireland’s Call’. Here’s a link to a tutorial before you start https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUlBNcUzI8Q

Click HERE for notes.

Remember to practice in a quiet place on your own, maybe in your room and be sure not to annoy other people in your house when you are practicing!


· Try this Family Appreciation Worksheet to help you think about all the ways you appreciate your parents and siblings. Print one sheet for each person in your family (you can write out the sentence starters if you don’t have a printer). Get your family to sit around the table with one sheet each in front of you. Each write your name on top then pass your sheet around silently. After three minutes pass the sheet again until each sheet has gone to each person. Collect them and pass them back to the owners. You won’t believe the smiles you will see :) Click HERE for the sheet.

· How did you get on with the ‘Gratitude Journal’? Try to continue it again this week as it is a worthwhile activity. I would really love to hear how you get on with this work.

Art ‍🖌

IT Sligo are currently holding an art competition to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of IT Sligo and the launch of a new academic department Yeats Academy in Art, Design and Architecture. Choose from one of three themes: 1. A Famous Irish Person 2. An Irish Animal 3.A Place on the Wild Atlantic Way. All information is available on https://www.itsligo.ie/artcompetition/ and entries must be in by Friday 29th May, this day week.



· I would like you to complete some of these fitness challenges again this week. www.youthsporttrust.org/60-second-physical-activity-challenges Did anyone complete the challenges with someone else in your house or beat your own record last week?! As always, send me pictures/videos of you and your family taking part in this fitness challenge on fifthclassmshorkan@gmail.com

· Go Noodle: great for warm up activities https://www.gonoodle.com/

· Joe Wicks- Bodycoach- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6r99N3kXME Try to do a 30-minute kid’s workouts every day!

Whatever exercise you do every day to keep fit and healthy, be safe and have fun!

A few other ideas if you have some free time!!

READING: It is so important that you read every day.

5th class ANSWERS

· English in Practice: days 109-113

· My Spelling Workbook: Spelling list

· Reading Zone: Unit 30 – Ex Poser

· Mental Maths: week 31

· Mathemagic 5: Chapter 28- Area- page 121-126

· Abair Liom: Caibidil 18- Clann Lir lch 130-137

· Small World History: Unit 16+17- The Great Famine (Part One and Part Two) pages 76-85