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5th class menu of work 27th April- 1st May 2020

27th April 2020

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are enjoying every minute of this beautiful weather. My little boy has been keeping me busy going for walks, watering the flowers, digging, visiting Grandad (in his garden) and feeding the calves on his Dad’s farm. Life is great fun when you are one-and-a-half!! He still refuses to wear his sunhat, but I don’t mind as long as the sun keeps shining!

I know that in 5th class, we were all very much looking forward to a very special occasion this weekend; celebrating your Confirmation next Saturday. I am sorry for you all that it won’t go ahead just now. It is very disappointing but just remember that things have been postponed across the world to save lives. There are many children across Ireland and the world are in the same boat as us so please don’t worry as it will happen, and it will be an extra special celebration for you all when it does.

Below is a menu of work for the coming week. As I said before, there is a lot of work here. I want to give everyone plenty of choice and I do not want anyone to be bored but please remember, it is a ‘menu’ of work and I do not expect all work to be completed by all children. Talk to your parents and find a balance that works for you in your house. Any work you are not sure about or do not get finished will be covered when school reopens. Nobody needs to worry, just do a bit every day and do it well.

I did not break the work up into a day-by-day timetable as most people seem to prefer to choose what and how much they do themselves over the five school days but if anyone wants me to break the work into a daily timetable, they can email me. I assigned a suggested amount of time to spend on each topic each day but as I said, it is a suggestion but may help you to get through the work. Feel free to do more or less than what I suggested.

I have attached answers for English, Irish, Maths and SESE so you can correct last weeks work, but you can also self-assess your work. When you have finished ANY piece of work, give yourself “2 stars and a wish”- choose two things you like about your work (2 stars) and one thing you wish you did a bit better and will work on next time (a wish).

Please feel free to contact me by email on fifthclassmshorkan@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you would like to share some of your work with me. I will be posting some of your work on our blog this week. (I am so sorry for the error in email address last week, I don’t know how I managed that! I think everyone who wanted to contact me did in the end. I assure you the above email address is correct!)

Apart from this homework, I really hope you are all continuing to make a big effort to help out at home. It is so important to stick together, be kind and cheerful and to consider each other’s feelings.

Have a great week and take care of yourselves,

Ms. Horkan

5th Class homework 27th April- 1st May 2020


· English in Practice days 95-99 (15 mins per day)

· My Spelling Workbook: unit 16 (all 4 pages). Ask an adult to test you on the spellings on Friday. If your list is differentiated, you can learn the first 10 spellings (15 mins per day)

· Reading Zone: Unit 27 – House A, B or C? - page 126-128 and questions A-F on pages 129-130 (you could break it down as follows if you like: Monday-A, Tuesday B+C, Wednesday D+E and Thursday-F and Friday-G) (15 mins per day)

· Novel: The Secret Garden- Frances Hodgson Burnett.

Read Chapter 10Dickon this week. After reading, see if you can you answer these questions- no need to write the answers, just think about the question and if you are not sure of the answer, re-read the chapter. (10 mins per day)

1. Why doesn’t Ben mind Mary’s company as much as he did first?

2. What does Ben teach Mary about roses?

3. How did Ben feel about Mary’s aunt when she was alive? How do you know?

4. What is Dickon doing when Mary first sees him? How does she know who he is?


· Tables: try this tables speed test every day for 5 mins- log on at https://www.timestables.com/speed-test/, it asks which tables you want to learn- choose ‘ALL TABLES’ and start the speed test! (5 mins per day)

· Mental Maths: week 28 (including problem solving & Friday review) (15 mins per day)

· Mathemagic 5: Chapter 26- Problem Solving 2- page 113 Q1(Monday), page 113 Q2 (Tuesday), Page 114- Q1 (Wednesday) +Page 114 Q2 (Thursday) (15 mins per day)

· If you would like some more practice, you can go online to https://ie.ixl.com/math/class-5 and work through Problem solving M1- M5.

GAEILGE (20 mins per day)

· Abair Liom: Chapter 16: Tom Crean (if you don’t have your Irish books at home, you can access the book online here: https://www.folensonline.ie/home/library/programmes/abair-liom-5th-class/ebook/

o Lch 116: Éist leis agus léigh an comhrá (you can listen to and read along with the comhrá(dialogue)here:https://content.folensonline.ie/programmes/AbairLiom/5th_class/resources/dialogue/AL_5C_ACT_CH16_002/index.html

o Lch 116: E- Cén séasúr is fear leat? (which season do you prefer?)

o Lch 117- G- Cuir snas ar an haibirtí- (improve the sentences)

· Grammadach: lch 119- I- na céimeanna comparáide-( steps of comparison eg hot, hotter, hottest) -ceisteanna 1-7

· Lch 119- J- na fuaimeanna ‘m’ agus ‘mh’. Roghnaigh na litreacha cearta. (the ‘m’ and ‘mh’ sounds. Choose the correct letters to make the words)

· Amhrán: ‘Trasna na dTonnta’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCHyKWvxAY0

EXTRA WORK: You can also do some of the extra Irish activities below if you like:

· Léamh: - Léigh an scéal ‘Béile Blasta’ ar 12-14 from the Irish reader we were reading in class, ‘Rothar Nua’ – it is on the CJ Fallon website on https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/33895/14

· www.robo.ie Click on bunleibhéal and read Caibidil 3- ‘Turas Scoile- (téama: Ar Scoil)

1. Leigh an scéal

2. Éist leis an scéal agus tarraing anuas an focail ceart

3. Scríobh- ceisteanna 1-5

· https://www.cula4.com/en/shows/cula4-ar-scoil/ TG4 - Cúla4 Ar Scoil -weekdays from 10-10.30am.

RELIGION (20 mins per day)

· Morning Prayer/ Hail Mary and Our Father throughout the day

· Grow in Love: Read through lesson 3 ‘Come Holy Spirit’ in Theme 8: The Holy Spirit- pages 90-93.

You can access the online activities for each lesson by going to www.growinlove.ie inserting this email address to the login section: trial@growinlove.ie . The password is growinlove

· Journal exercise:

o write out and decorate the phrase ‘Veni Creator Spiritus- Come Holy Spirit’ page 90

o Write out the four parts of the Rite of Confirmation in your own words – page 91

· Learn: the seven sacraments of the church- page 92 (for Memorisation)

· Discuss what you learned this week with your parents/guardians.

SESE (20 mins per day)

Small World Geography and Science: Unit 14- Sound pages 79-83 https://my.cjfallon.ie/preview/student/7424/81

Read pages 79-83 and answer the questions on page 83 (you don't need to write the answers). If you have the materials and the time, try these 4 hands-on investigations:

1. Does Sound Make the Air Vibrate? (page 79)

2. Does Sound Travel Better Through Air or a Solid? (page 81)

3. Bouncing Sounds and Echoes (page 82)

4. Design and make an Oboe (page 83)

If you would like to know more about sound, try some of these websites:

MUSIC: (10 mins per day)

How did you get on with playing Amhrán Na bhFiann - Our National Anthem on tinwhistle? I learned it myself and can play it quite well after a little practice each day. Feel free to send me a clip of you playing! Remember to practice in a quiet place on your own, maybe in your room and be sure not to annoy other people in your house when you are practicing! Lets try the next tune from the same booklet https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/roi-mu-1-traditional-tin-whistle-tunes-music-booklet ‘The River Sáile’ – click this link to listen to the melody before you start to learn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVj5NVN00ik. I hope you like it!


· To link in with our science topic of ‘sound’ this week, try to make one of the many simple musical instruments listed here www.kinderart.com/teachers/9instruments.shtml :follow the instructions on how to make one of a number of musical instruments. Most are very easy to make and require simple equipment which most people will definitely have at home.

· If you do not have the resources to make a musical instrument, just try some fun colouring and activity sheets for older kids: https://www.activityvillage.co.uk/school-closures


Try to do a 30-minute Joe Wicks- Bodycoach- kids workouts every day (or at least few days this week!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6r99N3kXME or you could try to do a daily mile (remember, if you want someone to join you for the daily mile, it must be a member of your own household) Whatever exercise you do every day to keep fit and healthy, be safe and have fun!

A few extra ideas if you have free time!!

· 'School on TV' Live on RTÉ 2- 11am-12pm

· https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize have three new lessons every weekday, with videos, activities and more.

· Poetry Day Ireland takes place on Thursday 30 April 2020 and the theme is 'There will be time' and everyone is invited to join in and celebrate. https://www.poetryireland.ie/poetry-day/

Time Leap 2.1, is a creative writing adventure for primary school children.

Alan and Elizabeth are trapped in a broken time machine, with only a talking computer for company. Can you help them get home?

This is a special re-imagining of a live performance for Poetry Day Ireland. It's certain to entertain and inform children as they take a virtual trip through time. Set your timers for 10am on 30 April when we will be all systems go on Poetry Ireland's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/poetryireland

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