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5th class menu of work 4th-8th May 2020

1st May 2020

Dear Parents and Children,

I hope that you all had a good week and are keeping well as we continue on our home-school journey in these uncertain times. I want to really thank you for your work with your children so far. I know it is all very different to school and I don't doubt it is trying by times, but you are doing a great job and hopefully everyone has settled into your own ‘home-school’ routine.

Below is a menu of work for 5th -8th of May. As I said previously, please do not feel under pressure to complete everything on the list. This work is to help you help your child in their education. The work is a guide for you to do some English, Gaeilge and Maths daily and 1 or 2 of the other activities/subjects included. It is not about finishing everything; it is about keeping children doing some meaningful curriculum work every day. During these exceptional times, we can only do our best and look after each other and our families.

The coming week is a short week as Monday is a bank holiday so feel free to take a break from work on Monday if you like or spread the work out in a way that suits you in your house.

I will be thinking of you all tomorrow. I was really looking forward to the Confirmation Ceremony and am sad that we are not getting to celebrate together. We just have to remember that the Confirmation day will happen and it will be extra special when it does! Patience is a virtue and we are all really being tested these days!!

I have attached answers for English, Irish and Maths so you can correct last weeks work, but don't forget you can also self-assess your work. When you have finished ANY piece of work, give yourself “2 stars and a wish”- choose two things you like about your work (2 stars) and one thing you wish you did a bit better and will work on next time (a wish).

Please feel free to contact me by email on if you have any questions or if you would like to share some of your work with me. I would love to post more work on our school blog this week.

Have a great week and take care of yourselves,

Go dté sibh slán,


5th class menu of work 4th-8th May 2020

5th class ANSWERS- click to open

English in Practice days 95-99

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Reading Zone: Unit 27 – House A, B or C?

Mental Maths: week 28

Mathemagic 5: Chapter 26- Problem Solving 2

Abair Liom: Chapter 16: Tom Crean lch 116, 117, 119

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