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6th Class Dictation Sentences

Here are some dictation sentences based on Unit 14. Maybe you could get an adult to test you on your spellings by calling out some of these. (Number one is a long one!)

1. There was danger ahead, and I don’t exaggerate, as I thought that in winter bears just hibernate, but there it stood, in solitude, and my heart did palpitate. Its appetite for humans made my proximity unfortunate. I tried to use some persuasion to make it cooperate, and though I am only a juvenile I did anticipate that if I tried to apologise it might appreciate that physical abuse of a human is against the law of the state! So I told the bear the concrete facts so we could negotiate and what did this talk produce? A three metre grizzly standing tall, who started to salivate.

2. They are keen to advertise the extent and magnitude of the problem of pollution which is causing the hole in the ozone layer, and there is even an association of people who promote that cars should become obsolete unless they are run by electricity.

3. Since being diagnosed with diabetes he had to reduce the glucose in his diet as he could contract gangrene which causes the body tissue to decompose.

4. He allowed her to precede him through the door before he proceeded through the large chrome door.

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