• Rockfield NS

6th Class English 27th April-1st May

Dates: 27th April - 1st May

Subject: English

· Unit 14 Spelling Workbook: Try to spend a few minutes every day learning your spellings. I will send you on some dictation sentence that you could use to test yourself on this unit of spellings.

· I’d also like you to complete Day 101-105 in English in Practice.

· This week we are moving on to our final unit in our novel, A girl called Blue. This unit covers chapters 23 to 27. I’d like you to read chapters 23, 24 and 25 this week. Blue and Mary’s search for Tommy results in Blue getting a taste for what a normal family life, away from Larch Hill, is like. Again why don’t you try reading a chapter to a parent or retelling a chapter/event to them? Don’t forget to start each chapter by scanning the pages & looking up any interesting/difficult words in your dictionary.

1. Complete the third & fourth pages of Unit 14. Make sure to read the rule above Q8 before you complete the table.

2. Please complete these novel questions. Remember to write thoughtful & descriptive answers.

(a) Look at an image of O’Connell St from the 1960s and an image of the same street as it appears today. Can you identify some things that have changed and some that have stayed the same?

(b) Blue was lucky that Jimmy Mooney’s taxi pulled up on that miserable day when she arrived back in Dublin. What other occasions has Jimmy appeared in the novel? (try to think of two)

(c) Blue was happy to be in the Mooney’s house. List some things about the house and its inhabitants that appealed to her.

(d) Do you think Jimmy Mooney wanted to take Blue in & foster her? What was stopping him from doing so?

(e) Can you predict what might happen when Jimmy speaks to Sister Regina after dropping Blue back at the orphanage? What would you like to see happen?

3. We will continue our grammar activities from Just Grammar, so you can follow this link again: https://educateplus.ie/ppresource/just-grammar-6th-class

This week I’d like you to look at page 44. It’s a continuation of what we covered last week. Try to think of as many words as you can. Do your best on the sentences-make them interesting! You will need your dictionary to help you with this work.

4. As I mentioned last week, our final writing genre is persuasive writing. I hope you found last week’s persuasive text about zoos interesting. I was quite shocked and saddened by some of the things I read! This week I would like you to make a list of each of the author’s points of view. You will need to refer back to the text. Here’s the link: https://content.yudu.com/web/1yssw/0A224cw/OTM6thClassRdr/html/index.html?page=120&origin=reader.

For: Bernie Wright

Against: Veronica Chrisp

Then I would like you to put a tick beside the statements you agree with and an x beside the ones you disagree with.