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6th Class History 27th April-1st May

Dates: 27th April-1st May

Subject: History

Unit 12: The Irish Free State p.66-71

This unit will explain how the first Irish government, with a Dáil and a Seanad, came about. I would love to see some more of your projects that you researched, on either Michael Collins or Éamon de Valera (if some more of you would like to email me a photograph of your work?). We will see that both men continued to have major roles to play, even after the setting up of the Irish Free State.

Here is a short video about the Irish Civil War that you could watch before starting to read this unit:

What Ireland was like in the 1920s:

· After you finish reading, can you give three reasons why the Civil War took place?

· Discuss Q1-4 on p.69 with an adult.

· Please do activity A and B on p.71.

· On a page in your scrapbook can you design a poster to encourage people to vote for Cumann na nGaedheal (you will find some persuasive facts/information on p.68, 69). Make sure you’ve included a catchy slogan, short/snappy sentences or phrases, an eye catching & bright layout and don’t forget to include what’s on offer if you join!

· There are questions c, d, and e on p.71 if anyone would like some additional activities.

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