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6th Class Menu of Work Monday 11th January

Hi everyone,

a very happy new year to you all! I hope you are keeping well and that you have all had a happy and safe Christmas. For now, and for all of our safety, we are back to online learning for another while. Hopefully it won’t be for too long so let’s really make an effort to work to the best of our ability. We will do our best to try to keep up the positive work ethic and super effort that you had all been putting in right up until the Christmas holidays. Fingers crossed this won’t be for too long and we will be back together in our lovely classroom very soon.

I want to start with a few important messages for everyone to read carefully:

· The work that I have assigned here on the blog is for Monday only.

· All future work (after Monday) can be found on our Google Classroom platform. Please ensure that you have access to Google Classroom from Tuesday onwards. This is where you will find your weekly timetable of work and daily activities. It is also the way in which I will be engaging with you throughout the week. If you are having trouble accessing Google Classroom you can contact me at my email address below.

· We are all in the early stages of learning how to use Google Classroom (me included!) so we will start off gently! Then, as the days progress, we will explore the varied and exciting features that Google Classroom has to offer, together.

· Parents, if you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact me on my email address:

Once you have collected your box/bag with your school supplies this is the work I would like you to complete on Monday:

1. Can you finish the remaining days, problem solving and Friday Review in Week 16 in your Mental Maths book.

2. English in Practice: Day 56 (Don’t forget to do this each day in your English in Practice copy)

3. Reading Zone: please read the story Plundered starting on p.71. Don’t forget to look up the highlighted words in your dictionary before you start reading the story.

4. Spelling Workbook: you can make a start on learning the spellings and completing the first two pages of Unit 8. This will need to be completed by Friday. Again, please look up any unfamiliar words in the dictionary.

5. Gaeilge: féachfaimid ar na briathra san Aimsir Chaite agus san Aimsir Láithreach. Let’s revise a few of our verbs from the past and present tense.

Please complete all of this work in your verb hardback. Cuir an teideal ‘Súil Siar’ air. Put the title ‘Look Back’ on this work.

Scríobh amach na briathra seo san Aimsir Chaite. Can you write out the following verbs in the past tense: bris (to break), dún (to close) and ól (to drink). Ansin, scríobh amach na briathra seo san Aimsir Láithreach. Then I would like you to write out the following verbs in the present tense: cuir (to put), glan (to clean) and fan (to wait).

Ansin, aistrigh na habairtí seo. Then I would like you to translate the following sentences into Irish.

· Did you break the window in the new clothes shop yesterday?

· She closed the door and she ran home from school.

· We drank hot chocolate with cream because it was cold outside.

· I put my books on the table every morning.

· He does not clean his bedroom and Dad is furious.

· We wait at the door of the classroom at nine o’clock.

Don't forget, tomorrow I will be in contact via Google Classroom. I will put up the answers to today's work there. Have a good day and I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

Ms Egan

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