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6th Class Religion, Art/SPHE & PE 27th April-1st May

Subject: Religion

This week in school would have been an exciting one for us as Saturday should be our Confirmation Day. I’m so disappointed that we won’t get to celebrate this really special day in your lives on Saturday but hopefully you will receive the sacrament very soon & you will have the wonderful celebration that you deserve so much. So keep learning your prayers and responses & try not to be too upset.

We will continue to look at Theme 10 Confirmation. We will look at lesson 2 The Fruits of the Holy Spirit, on pages 106-109. You can access the online activities for each lesson by going to & inserting this email address to the login section: The password is growinlove.

This lesson talks about how The Fruits of the Holy Spirit can be seen in people’s words and actions. These are the positive qualities and attitudes that we can all live our lives by. Just think of it in this way-The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are like the roots of the tree and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit are the fruit of that tree. Keep learning the gifts and the fruits and think about ways you can display positivity. Read the passage from The Acts of the Apostles on p106. There is a lovely activity on p107 about people who demonstrate the Fruits of the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Despite everything that is going on in our world today I’m sure we can all agree that there is so much positivity happening all around us. There are some prayer and Chat Together activities on p109 that you could read and discuss with a parent.

Subject: Art/SPHE

This week I’d like you to create a collage of YOU-the things you like and value. It could be people, pets, hobbies, objects, activities or anything else you can think of. Use old magazine & newspaper cut outs, photos (if you are allowed), pencils, markers etc. to create a ‘mood board’ of yourself. Try to be as creative as possible. Think about all of these things in your life and how you can treasure them & be grateful for them. Ask yourself-do you always make the most of them?

Subject: PE

Continue to have a go at Joe Wicks the Bodycoach kids workouts on

Continue with the Daily Mile if possible. Remember, 10-15 minutes per day is all it takes! It can be a run, power walk, skip, a circuit of exercises… long as you keep moving!

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