• Rockfield NS

A message from Miss Egan

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all had a happy, healthy and peaceful Easter. I hope everyone took a break from schoolwork, enjoyed some chocolate treats and the beautiful weather we’ve been blessed with. I’ve been on lots of lovely walks around the fields with my dog Buster!

Unfortunately, we won’t get to see each other for a few more weeks but if we persevere and continue to do what we are being asked we will hopefully be back together in our lovely classroom very soon.

For now, we will try to continue working as best we can. Again, this is just a suggested menu of activities. I have set out a week’s work for you on our section of the school blog. You will find that English, Irish, Maths and Science have their own blog post. The rest of the activities can be found together in one post. I’ve also included a ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ post!

I know that your homes are very busy places these days so all I ask is that you do as much as you can (I do not expect everyone to get all of the work finished) and do it in your own time. Parents, if you find that it’s taking too long, then please prioritise what you feel your child will benefit most from.

Remember-please do your best work!

I have also posted the answers to our last set of Mental Maths, English in Practice and Spelling Workbook so don’t forget to correct these. The Gaeilge answers are there too. I will post some of the answers to this set of work as the week progresses so keep an eye on our section of the blog.

I’d love to see some of your project/art work or some work that you are proud of so maybe you could take some pictures and email them to me?

As always, parents, if you have any questions or if you need to contact me regarding any of the following work, please feel free to do so at mseganrockfieldns@gmail.com.

Take care everyone, look after yourselves and I will speak to you all again soon.

Ms Egan.