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Art Competition

"Draw your Hero" would like submissions from children based on the hero in their lives helping them through this time. This hero should be a person known to you as they will have special prizes for the winning artists hero. Some examples to help are as follows:

  • Maybe it’s your Mam or Dad who is a nurse or doctor on the frontline; Perhaps it’s your Gran or Grandad who are sticking out cocooning like a trooper

  • Maybe it’s your Aunt or Uncle who are out delivering hot meals to the homeless, checking in on elderly neighbours

  • Could it be your brother or sister who helped to keep you entertained throughout the lockdown

  • Perhaps it could be your neighbour who is working round the clock as a paramedic or your cousin who is delivering goods to our shops

Submissions are open until June 3rd and you can find full details on the website.

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