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Back to School

What a whirlwind of a month September was in Senior Infants! We had lots of fun reminding ourselves of school-related vocabulary in English and Irish and we loved taking part in different Aistear stations that were all about school. Take a look at the brilliant Play Doh creations that we made, along with our cutting and sticking skills, to make sure our school bags were all set for school! We also came up with ideas for new school uniforms and used lots of colours and materials to bring them to life.

We had lots of fun pretending to be different people in the role play area, like the teacher, principal and secretary.

We had two weeks of different STEM challenges- the first was to work as a team to build a primary school using Lego and the second was to use polydrones to make classroom furniture strong enough for us to sit on. Even Mrs Cawley was able to sit on what we made!

Mrs Cawley read a book to us called "Once Upon an Ordinary School Day" by Colin McNaughton and we heard all about an extraordinary teacher who used music to encourage the children's imaginations. We loved this story so much that we listened to classical music and came up with our own imaginative drawings. Some of us saw instruments and colours, some of us saw animals and the world around us and some of us thought of weddings and dancing! All of our art is unique, just like us!


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