• Rockfield NS

Collection of Boxes

We are arranging for the collection of your children’s boxes/belongings on Thursday morning. The staff will place the boxes around the school yard alphabetically according to the surnames at a specific time similar to the arrangements during the previous collections. As community transmission is at its highest ever in the locality since this pandemic began, we need to do this in a "very controlled manner". Each family will be allotted a time slot. The boxes/bags will be placed around the school yard in alphabetical order of surnames so you should be able to locate all your children's boxes together, quickly. We ask you to continue to follow social distancing guidelines and keep 2m apart if there is another parent in the area looking for their children's boxes. Please move away quickly as soon as you have collected to avoid any gathering at the gate so as to make way for the next group of parents arriving. Wearing gloves is advised to avoid hand contact with boxes when searching for your child's books. We kindly ask you to wear a mask on the grounds and that you do not approach the staff to minimise contact between adults. Please keep to your allotted time as all remaining boxes will be lifted for the next batch to be collected. We kindly ask just one adult to collect them from each household to minimise the number of people on the premises. If you do not receive a text with your allotted time, please email us at info@rockfieldns.eu immediately. On behalf of all the staff, I wish 6th Class the very best of luck with their new adventure in secondary school and that all of you have a safe and enjoyable summer. Please God we will all see each other on 27th August.

Le meas,

Ms. Scanlon