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Collection of Rental Books

It is looking very promising that we will all see each other for our first day of school and that life will return to some form of normality, thank god. We are so proud of all the children; their engagement and their discipline of working from home has been phenomenal. We are now collecting the rental books to organise and order them for the next year's class groups. You will receive a text Monday evening with your allotted time for delivery on Friday. We would really appreciate it if you could put each of your child's books in separate bags with their names on the bags. The bags can be left on or in front of the wall anywhere. We ask you to continue to follow social distancing guidelines and keep 2m apart if there is another parent at the wall delivering their children's bags. Please move away quickly as soon as you have delivered so as to make way for the next group of parents arriving. We kindly ask just one adult to deliver the bags from each household to minimise the number of people. If you do not receive a text tomorrow evening with your allotted time, please email your eldest child's teacher immediately and we will give it to you.

Best wishes,

M. Scanlon

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