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Collection of Textbooks on Thursday

The teachers and I are so proud of all your children's work at home and the sudden adjustment to their school life, without warning. We hope the roadmap to ease measures, continues without setbacks and that we will all see each other in September. To make life a little easier at home for you, the staff have packed up your children's rental books and belongings (as best we could), for use until the end of the term. You will receive a text with your allotted time for collection this Thursday. The bags will be placed on the wall in alphabetical order of surnames so you should be able to locate all your children's bags together, quickly. We ask you to continue to follow social distancing guidelines and keep 2m apart if there is another parent at the wall looking for their children's bags. Please move away quickly as soon as you have collected so as to make way for the next group of parents arriving. Wearing gloves is advised to avoid hand contact with bags when searching for your child's books. Please keep to your allotted time as all remaining bags will be lifted for the next batch to be collected. We kindly ask just one adult to collect the bags from each household to minimise the number of people. This will possibly be the only opportunity of collecting the books if you think you may need them. If you do not receive a text with your allotted time, please email your eldest child's teacher immediately and we will give it to you. Keep safe and well.

Best wishes,

M. Scanlon

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