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Comprehension Questions and Answers

Comprehension Work based on previous Story “A Forest Adventure”

(The following questions can be asked orally to the children or the children can write out the answers to some or all of the questions in a copy for extra written work)!

1. What was the name of the wood near the school?

2. What was the name of the children’s teacher?

3. On what day of the week did the children go to the forest?

4. What sport did Max what to play in the forest?

5. What did Mr. Kelly give the children before they set off on the nature walk?

6. Why did Mr. Kelly give the children paper?

7. Who gave the children a smile and a big wave as they passed by his shop?

8. Why Mr Kelly say the wood got its name “Ash Wood”?

9. Name two things the children gathered in the wood?

10. What colour leaves did the children find?

11. What did the children sit on to have their picnic?

12. What did the children have to find to get a night off homework?

13. Where did Mr Kelly put the photographs for the children to see?

14. What did the children write about their day in the woods?

Answers to Comprehension question on the story “A Forest Adventure”

1. The name of the forest near the school was Ash Wood.

2. The children’s teacher was called Mr. Kelly.

3. The children went to the forest on Friday.

4. Max wanted to play football in the forest.

5. Mr. Kelly gave the children paper before they went on the nature walk.

6. Mr Kelly gave the children paper so they could write down what they hoped to see in the forest.

7. Brian the butcher gave the children a big wave and a smile as they passed by his shop.

8. Ash Wood got its name because it has lots of big ash trees.

9. The children gathered leaves and nuts.

10. The children found red green and orange leaves.

11. The children sat on logs to have their picnic.

12. The children had to find an acorn and a twig to get a night off homework.

13. Mr. Kelly put the photographs on the whiteboard.

14. The children wrote a poem about their day in Ash Wood.

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