• Rockfield NS

🐣 Dear Children...

Hi children,

I hope you are enjoying your time with your parents and being extra good around the house. I can’t wait to hear all your great stories, new games for the playground and hidden talents you’ve unleashed when we return to school. I miss you so much and can not wait to get back to our normal school life together. I am sure you did not expect to be still off. Remember to enjoy your school holidays for Easter and to try to keep busy with all your chores, school work and fun activities after Easter. I had put away all my art material in to the attic and I am taking it down to paint eggs over Easter. I have also started to learn a new language on duolingo for a few minutes each evening. Most important thing is to keep active and try to learn something new each day. Don’t forget to exercise daily while keeping your physical distance from others.

Have a lovely Easter 🐣 and don’t forget to make granny or grandad a special card or post a letter to someone special; they would only love and cherish something received, especially from you!

Best wishes,

Ms. Scanlon