• Rockfield NS

English 20th-24th April

· Unit 14 Spelling Workbook: These are long vowels, the silent ‘e’ at the end of each word makes the vowel sound long. Look up any words you do not understand. Try to spend a few minutes every day learning your spellings. If your list is differentiated, please learn the first ten spellings.

· I’d also like you to complete Day 96-100 in English in Practice.

· I hope you’re still enjoying reading our novel! Chapter 18, The Punishment, was a tough read. Poor Blue, I had hoped that she would tell the truth to Dr Lynch but I’m sure we can all understand her reasons for not doing so. After the cruelty of Sister Regina and Sister Agnes in Chapter 18, we saw some kindness from Nurse Griffin and Sister Monica in Chapter 19, The Infirmary. Blue loved to listen to Sister Monica’s stories of the wonderful places she had visited. I suppose it helped Blue to escape the harsh reality of her own life. This week I’d like you to finish the chapters in this current unit, chapters 20-22. Maybe you could read a chapter to a parent or retell a chapter/event to them? Don’t forget to start each chapter as we have always done-by scanning the pages & looking up any interesting/difficult words in your dictionary.

1. Complete the first two pages of Unit 14. Use the dictionary to help you complete Q4.

2. Please complete these novel questions:

a. Can you name three people who showed kindness towards Blue? Give an example of an act of kindness from each character towards her.

b. Why do you think Sister Regina and many of the other nuns were so cruel and abusive to the children in their care?

c. Why do you think Blue sided with the native American Indians in chapter 21 and why did everyone else support the cowboys? What does this tell us about Blue?

d. A combination of circumstances caused Blue to decide to run away. Can you explain this statement? What were these circumstances and do you think her decision to run away was a wise one?

e. What kind of person was the elderly Sister Monica? Write a list of suitable adjectives to describe her. Do you think any of these adjectives could be used to describe Blue? Give examples from the novel.

*Try to write answers which are thoughtful, descriptive & provide evidence from the novel.

3. There is free access to the grammar book we’ve been following this year, Just Grammar, if you follow this link: https://educateplus.ie/ppresource/just-grammar-6th-class. I’d like you to complete the activities on P.43 (plural rules). Here’s a short video to help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBSf0Kboirc

4. Our final writing genre is persuasive writing. A persuasive text argues a point of view to convince the reader to agree with the author. Here is a powerpoint to explain: https://www.twinkl.ie/resource/au-l-53229-introduction-to-persuasive-text-powerpoint

In preparation for writing our own argument on a topic in the coming weeks, I would like you to read this persuasive text: https://content.yudu.com/web/1yssw/0A224cw/OTM6thClassRdr/html/index.html?page=120&origin=reader.

Then, after reading, I would like you to write (a) an important fact, (b) a surprising fact, (c) a sad fact, (d) a confusing fact and (e) an angry fact. Try to write detailed & descriptive facts.