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First Class Menu of Work 18/05/2020- 22/05/2020

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great week and continued to enjoy the lovely weather we have been having. I hope you are all spending lots of time outdoors while the weather is so nice.

Below is a suggested list of work for the following week 18/05/2020 – 22/05/2020. Remember as always just complete what you can.

It was great to hear from so many people again this week and thank you to those who send on some of the fantastic work completed last week. I got some fabulous work on the butterfly and mini-beasts this week. Well done on all the great work you have completed so far. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, continue to keep safe and keep up the great work.

Like last week I have put up a grid on the blog with the work for each day and then here I have added the logins to the individual sites with some extra details too.

Any queries or questions about the list of work please email me for further details on firstclassmsmcintyre@gmail.com

Grid of work

Maths home school links- Capacity

Gaeilge pictures Monday

Recycling Powerpoint

Art Sample Pictures


I will attach a sheet to the blog of activities you can practice at home to reinforce all the content covered this week on capacity.


Today we will be learning about capacity i.e. the measure of the amount of water, etc. different containers can hold. The children need to know the language of capacity; holds more\less, holds most\least, fewer, container, full, empty, nearly full/empty, not as full as, estimate, measure, pour, match, fill, litre, more/less than a litre, about a litre.

p. 137: deals with the following terms: holds more, full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty.

P.138 deals with measuring the capacity of everyday objects using non-standard measuring units.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: Maths: Busy at Maths: Online Book (Click in the eye icon) Go to page 137 & 138


P. 139: Shows a capacity pictogram that the children must interpret.


P. 140: Introduces the standard unit of capacity- the litre


P. 50: Busy at Maths Shadow Book This is a revision page on the content covered on capacity this week. This time when you go into the CJ Fallon website and you will select the Busy at Maths Shadow Book. It’s the option directly below the Busy at Maths Book.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.


Today you will do “A quick Look Back Page 8” p. 141.

This page has 20 mental arithmetic problems that revise the work done to date.

I always do this as a little test at school. I ask the children to try all 20 problems without help and then I score them out of 20. Let me know how you get on. Afterwards you will know which concepts the children may need to go back over. I do read any words the children can’t read but I only help them once they have tried all the problems once themselves.

Maths Tables Test Friday

9+2= 9+8= 9+7=

9+6= 9+0= 9+1=

9+3= 9+11= 9+10=

9+12= 9+4= 9+9=

Also the following is a great site with lots of games and activities for practicing your addition and subtraction sums and lots of other key maths concepts if you have time and access to the internet.



This week we will look at natural materials. The children will begin to distinguish between natural and manufactured materials. Before you begin discuss with the children what a natural material is. Explain that a natural material is something that comes from the ground, a plant or an animal.


Read p. 88- Today the children will read and learn about four natural materials.

Draw a picture of the 4 natural materials you have learned about today and write a sentence about each.

Login to CJ Fallon to access all the pages listed above on the grid: CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: SESE: Small World: Small world first class: Online Book (Click on the eye icon).


Read p. 89- Today you will look at the difference between natural and manufactured materials. Discuss the difference between both. Chat about the items on page 89 and ask the children where each item belongs.

Activity: Then complete the activity at the bottom of the page. Except you will look around your home and see can you come up with some items that are natural and some that are manufactured. You could just chat about these or alternatively you could draw pictures of these items and label them.

(Login as above)

Wednesday: * Note different book today.

What a Wonderful World p. 54: Today the children will look at other materials that are found in the home. This page from “What a Wonder World” says ‘Materials around my School’. However, we will Change this to ‘Materials around my home’.

Go on a home material hunt. See can the children identify two items in each box today?

Login to CJ Fallon to access all the pages listed above on the grid: CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: SESE: What a Wonderful World: What a Wonderful World Revised: Online Book (Click on the eye icon) – It’s the first option on the page.

SPHE (Thursday)

This week because we have been looking at natural materials in our environment we will look at caring for the environment. This week you will chat about recycling and things that can be recycled.

I have attached a link in this document to a PowerPoint from Twinkl all about recycling that you could look at and chat about.

Look at Mindful Matters p. 31; you could print off the page or alternatively you could just draw a picture of the three bins and draw 3 or 4 items that would put in each of the bins.

CJ Fallon; First Class; Mindful Matters 1; p.31.

Art: (Friday)

For this week’s visual arts the children could use some natural materials to create a piece of art. For example, they could use pieces of straw or grass to make a house or use stones to make a face. The children could just do this outside on the ground on a fine day and you could take a picture of what they come up with themselves. (See link above with a picture of samples attached.)

Gaeilge (Irish)

If anyone has problems downloading the Bua na Cainte pages email me and I will send photos of the pages. Or alternatively you could try the following:

For interactive lessons

1. Go to www.edco.ie/bua

2. Select the file which suits your computer: PC or MAC

3. Select the Class Level you require, and then click on it to start a download of the file.

4. Once the download has completed, click on the file to install and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. A Bua na Cainte icon will appear on your desktop. Once you select this icon a login page will open where you will need to enter the details included below.

Login: trial

Password: trial

An Luan (Monday)

Activity: Tarraing na pictiúrí agus cuir lipéid air. (Draw the pictures and put a label on them.) Pictures on Blog or in link above.

An Mháirt (Tuesday)

Tá Liam ag ithe. (Liam is eating.)

Tá Oisín ag ól. (Oisín is drinking.)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 7- Sa Bhaile

Do page 55 (Bí ag leamh)

An Chéadaoin (Wednesday)

Tá Niamh ag gáire. (Niamh is laughing.)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 7- Sa Bhaile

Do page 56: Bí ag scríobh (Write out the 6 sentences).

An Déardaoin (Thursday)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 7- Sa Bhaile

Page 57: Tarraingt an pictiúr agus cuir lipéid air. (Draw the picture today and label the items.)

An Aoine (Friday)

Scríobh An Nuacht (News): Write your news as Gaeilge (In Irish)

Inniu an _________ (Today is ___________)

Inné an _________ (Yesterday was _______)

Amárach an ______ (Tomorrow will be ___)

An Luan (Monday) An Mháirt (Tuesday) An Chéadaoin (Wednesday) An Déardaoin (Thursday) An Aoine (Friday) An Satharn (Saturday) An Domhnach (Sunday)

Tá an lá_____________. (The day is __________).

Fuar (cold), te (hot), fluich (wet), tirim (dry), gaofar (windy), scamallach (cloudy), dorcha (dark) geal (bright).

Tá mé ag ____________. (I am _________ .)

ag ithe (eating) ag ól (drinking) ag gáire (laughing) ag canadh (singing)

ag léamh (reading) ag scríobh (writing) ag caint (talking) ag súgradh (playing)

English for Monday- Thursday:

Writing sentences: Remember your capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and capital letters. Maybe you could also try and increase the length of your sentences this week. You could send me a picture of your sentences on Thursday.



Again the reading for this week is from the site we used for last week’s reading and comprehension. It’s from Gill education. Go to www.gillexplore.ie/products (It’s free access)

Go to: All Titles: Primary Titles


Class: Fist Class

Then click on: Over the Moon; skills book first class (It’s a yellow & green book)

Right beside the copy of that book when you have clicked on it; you will see the reader I am using this week is “Fun at the Circus” Reader 2

This week read all of Unit 11 “Under Henry’s Floorboards” p.13-23” (Reading for the week)

English for Friday: Comprehension Questions.

(Could also be completed Monday after reading: Complete when suits you- and they can be asked orally or used as a written activity)

Comprehension questions based on the Reading "Under Henry's Floorboards” p. 13-23

1. Where had Henry’s family moved to?

2. What type of school was Henry’s old school?

3. What was the name of Henry’s old teacher?

4. What was Henry’s favourite subject in school?

5. How did Henry feel when he moved to Dublin?

6. What did Henry find under the floor board?

7. What came out of the egg?

8. What did Henry name the turtle?

9. Who did Dad and Henry take the turtle to see?

10. Where was Squirt going to live now?

Grow in Love

Go to www.growinlove.ie and go to login section. The email address you use is trial@growinlove.ie and password is growinlove (all lower case and all one word).

Theme 9: Creation - Lesson 2 “God made us we are special”. This week listen the children will least to the last part of the story of creation and watch a video about taking care of our world.

Other Activities:

Music: Continue to practice your tunes on the tin whistle. Try playing a new tune from one of the sheets.

English in Practice (Grammar): (Continue with a column daily if you have previously accessed the viewing copy of this book online; “English in practice 1st Class” on the Prim- Ed website. You could read out the 10 questions to the children and children could write the answers in your copy. (PLease email me if you would like me to email a copy of the answers to you).

Shared Reading: Oxford Owl – books can be chosen based on age/level.

PE: With Joe Wicks- The Body Coach.