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First Class Menu of Work 27/04/2020- 01/05/2020

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and still enjoying the beautiful weather :)

Below is a suggested list of work for the following week 27/04/2020 – 01/05/2020. Complete what you can. It was great to hear from so many people this week and see some of the brilliant work that has been completed so far.

Remember continue to help out around the house and continue to enjoy the sunshine.

Like last week I have put up a grid on the blog with the work for each day and then here I have added the logins to the individual sites with some extra details too.

Any queries or questions about the list of work please email me for further details on firstclassmsmcintyre@gmail.com


I will attach a sheet to the blog of games and activities you can practice at home to reinforce all the content covered this week.


-Today the children will complete two pages on number.

P. 129: is a fun puzzle page where the children have to make the biggest and smallest numbers from domino pieces and dice that have up to 9 dots on each section. If you have two dice at home or a boxes a domino pieces you could try this activity with the children.

P.130: Is a revision page on number. If you have access to a printer, you could print off p. 130 for the children to complete. Alternatively ask the children the clues from the crossword Orally.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: Maths: Busy at Maths: Online Book (Click in the eye icon) Go to page 129+ p.130 (If any problem accessing these pages’ online email me and I can send on photos of the pages back to you or I can put photos of these pages on the blog if it is this is an easier way to access them?


Today the children will start strategies for addition- adding a one-digit number to a two- digit number.

P.131 outlies a simple addition mental strategy between a two-digit number and a one digit. It involves breaking the two-digit number into tens and units and then keeping the tens together while the units are added together.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.


P. 132: This page introduces the children to the formal addition of a one-digit number. To a two-digit number without regrouping. Remind the children we always start with the units.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.


P. 133: This page introduces another mental strategy to help the children calculate mentally. Adding tens to a two-digit number. Remind the children – When adding tens to a number, the tens change but the units stay the same.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.


P.134: This page allows the children to calculate adding tens to various numbers mentally. The also get the opportunity to extend and use pattern in questions 4-8.

Maths Tables Test Friday

5+8= 5+9= 5+1=

6+2= 6+11= 6+6+

5+3= 5+0= 5+10=

6+12= 6+4= 6+9=

5+11= 5+6= 5+7=


This week we will continue with our theme of Australia. The focus this week will mainly be on History and stories from Australia.

Login to CJ Fallon to access all the pages listed above on the grid: CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: SESE: Small World: Small Word First Class: Online Book (Click on the eye icon) – It’s the first option on the page.


Read p. 71- Learn about The Aboriginal people.

Activity: Draw the Aboriginal Flag.

I have also attached a picture of aboriginal art on the blog for you to print off and colour if you have access to a printer. Alternatively, you could do your own aboriginal art using dots.


Read p. 72 & 73- Today you will read the story “Mammy Kangaroo Gets a Pouch”.

If you have access to a printer, you could print off the pages and match the pictures to the story and colour the pictures.


Draw a picture to go with yesterday’s story “Mammy Kangaroo Gets a Pouch”. You could send me a photo of your picture as I will put some of the lovely art I have received over the past two weeks up on the Blog next week.


Read p.74- Read about the flying doctors.

Activity: Complete the sentences and draw and label the picture of the Aeroplane used by The Flying Doctors.

Gaeilge (Irish)

If anyone has problems downloading the Bua na Cainte pages email me and I will send photos of the pages.

An Luan (Monday) Pictures on Blog.

Activity: Tarraing na pictiúrí agus cuir lipéid air. (Draw the pictures and put a label on them.)

An Mháirt (Tuesday)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 6- Éadaí

Do page 46 ( Léigh an Scéal)

Léigh an scéal:

D’éirigh Oisín ar maidin. (Oisín got up in the morning.)

Léim sé amach as an leaba. (He jumped out of bed.)

D’fhéach sé amach an fhuinneog. (He looked out the window.)

Bhí an lá go hálainn. (The day was lovely.)

Bhí an ghrian ag taitneamh. (The sun was shining.)

Chuir sé bríste gear, t-léine, hata gréine agus spéaclaí gréine air. (He put on shorts, a t-shirt, a sun hat and sun glasses.)

An Chéadaoin (Wednesday)

Ceist: Cad atá uirthi? (What has she on her?)

Tá _________ uirthi. (She has ____ on.)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 6- Éadaí

Do page 49 (Bí ag scríobh)

An Déardaoin (Thursday)

Briathar (Verb) Chaill mé (I lost)

Chaill mé geansaí. (I lost my jumper)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 6- Éadaí

Read page 51: Bí ag Scríobh (Write out the 6 sentences).

An Aoine (Friday)

Scríobh An Nuacht (News): Write your news as Gaeilge (In Irish)

Inniu an _________ (Today is ___________)

Inné an _________ (Yesterday was _______)

Amárach an ______ (Tomorrow will be ___)

An Luan (Monday) An Mháirt (Tuesday) An Chéadaoin (Wednesday) An Déardaoin (Thursday) An Aoine (Friday) An Satharn (Saturday) An Domhnach (Sunday)

Tá an lá_____________. (The day is __________).

Fuar (cold), te (hot), fluich (wet), tirim (dry), gaofar (windy), scamallach (cloudy), dorcha (dark) geal (bright).

__________is ainm dom. (My name is _________)

Tá mé í rang a haon. (I am in 1st class.)

Tá mé í mo chonaí í Cúil Áine. (I live in Coolaney.)

English for Monday: Writing

1. Our News: Write 7/8 sentences in your copy. Write more if you can. (This activity could be completed any day this week.)

Remember put a Capital Letters at the start of each sentence and finish each sentence with a full stop. Also remember a capital letter for the days of the week, the months of the year and every time you use the word I.

You could send me a photo of your news this week. I would love to read about some of the other activities you are doing with your family.

2. Comprehension questions for “The Fun Park” p. 39-44

1. Where are the children going on their school tour?

2. What day of the week are they going on their tour?

3. What time will the bus leave the school?

4. What clothes did Luke wear on his school tour?

5. What time was the bus arriving back from the school tour?

6. How many parents went on the bus with Mr. Kelly?

7. What was the name of the biggest roller coaster in the country?

8. How were the children feeling when they got off the roller coaster?

English for Friday: Grammar

Conjunctions (Photo of activity added to blog).

Conjunctions are words that join part of a sentence. Words like ‘and’, ‘but’ and or are conjunctions.

Example: 1. I ran downstairs and opened the door.

2. I wanted to go to the park but it was closed.

Grow in Love

Go to www.growinlove.ie and go to login section. The email address you use is trial@growinlove.ie and password is growinlove (all lower case and all one word).

Theme 8: Jesus is Still with us- Lesson 2 “I will send a helper”. This week there are some lovely activities about Pentecost for you to print off and complete if you have access to a printer.

Other Activities:

Music: Continue to practice your tunes on the tin whistle. Try playing a new tune from one of the sheets.

English in Practice (Grammar): (Continue with a column daily if you have previously accessed the viewing copy of this book online; “English in practice 1st Class” on the Prim- Ed website. You could read out the 10 questions to the children and children could write the answers in your copy

Shared Reading: Oxford Owl – books can be chosen based on age/level.

PE: With Joe Wicks- The Body Coach.