• Rockfield NS

Junior Infant Action Songs

I know how much my Junior Infants love to sing and dance. Here is a list of action songs we have done in the classroom since September. These are all available on youtube:

  1. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

  2. Hockey Pokey

  3. Shake your sillies out

  4. I am the music man

  5. If your happy and you know it

  6. The singing walrus

  7. Five Little Speckled Frogs

  8. Where is thumbkin

  9. The Skeleton Dance

  10. The Penguin Dance

  11. Here we go round the mulberry bush

  12. Five Little Monkeys

  13. Ten fat sausages

  14. One finger one thumb

  15. Miss Polly

  16. Jump up, bend down

  17. Skip-a-doo-dee

  18. The grand old duke of York

  19. Five little pumpkins

  20. The freeze dance

  21. Body boogie dance

  22. There was a crocodile

  23. The Rainbow Song

  24. Five jellyfish

  25. The ants go marching

  26. Happy Dance

  27. Prehistoric Animal Brigade

  28. Yes, I Can

  29. One little finger

  30. Winter hockey pokey

  31. Five little snowmen

  32. Swimming song

  33. One grey elephant

  34. From your seat

  35. Funky counting

  36. BINGO

  37. Old MacDonald

  38. The Wheels on the Bus

  39. Alice the Camel

It is also so important to continually practice nursery rhyme, counting songs and finger exercises.