• Rockfield NS

Junior Infants-Mrs Cawley says a big “Hello” 👋

I know all the Junior Infants are missing Mrs Cawley just as much as I am so I thought it would be nice if we caught up with her. My goodness, you won’t believe how busy she has been! Just like you, she’s staying safe at home with her kids and while they’re missing family and friends they’re having great fun learning and playing together. Now Mrs Cawley is always the one taking the photos and is allergic to pictures 🙈🤣 but for her special Junior Infants she made an exception. They have been doing lots of arts and crafts, baking, farming and making the most of the sunshine. Here are some pictures Mrs Cawley sent me....

The last picture is where Ms Cawley’s children dressed up for dinner and she was the chef. They drew up menus and served up a 3 course meal at the restaurant. It was a huge success, everyone loved it. Kiddies said it was best restaurant ever! Maybe you could do something like this too!! Enjoy the weekend everyone 😃