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Junior Infants-Week 3 (30/03/20-03/04/20)

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well. I know we all miss each other and our friends but this is only temporary and we will soon all be back in school together. Below I have attached a link to a menu of suggested work and activities that can be completed at home from 30-03-20 to 03-04-20 (You have this outline already; it was sent home with the other work on the day of the sudden closure). I am also including the link for ‘Grow in Love’. This is the Religious Education programme we follow in the school. As a parent you now have free access to this online resources. Go to www.growinlove.ie and to the login section. Here put in the email address trial@growinlove.ie and the password growinlove (all lower case and all one word). Just click on the link (book) for Junior Infants and go to Theme 6 (Holy week and Easter). Each day it might be nice to talk through the Religious element of Easter with your child. Alongside this do plenty of exploratory play, make and do, cutting and sticking activities and outdoor play, while adhering to HSE guidelines regarding the Covid-19 outbreak.

Below are some links for additional fun activities in relation to Easter

· Easter-Themed Activities


· Easter Art Ideas



If you have any academic questions you can email me at msmayerockfieldns@gmail.com