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Menu of Work 1st Class.

Hi everyone in first class,

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas break and that Santa Claus was good to everyone. I hope you and all your families are keeping well. Unfortunately I will not see you for the next few weeks so that means you will be doing lots of your work at home. I know you would all love to be returning to school this week and I would love to be seeing you all back in our classroom tomorrow but hopefully this will happen again very soon. I will be putting up and explaining your work on seesaw for you to follow from Tuesday. Also, remember to keep up the great work with the handwriting when you are completing written tasks in your books and copies. For now, take care, stay safe and hopefully I will see you all back at school very soon.

Ms Mc Intyre.

Dear Parents,

Below I have attached a list of work for Monday that the children can complete once you have collect their books from the school. From Tuesday I will be putting up a list of the work daily on seesaw and uploading other videos and activities on seesaw also. Please try your best to engage in the online learning on seesaw . The children are very familiar with some of the features of seesaw as they completed some homework using this online platform since October. As the days and weeks progress we will be using many of the new features of Seesaw. Together we will all learn this new platform.

If you have any questions, queries or concerns regarding any of the children's work or any difficulties using seesaw please contact me via the following email address

Remember: The SESE book “Small World” and the Irish Book “Abair Liom” are book rental books belonging to the school so any activities I set from these two books must be completed in the children’s copies.

I also have two Polly pockets of worksheets (English\Grammar sheets and SESE sheets) in each child’s bag\box also. These are activities that are too long for the children to complete in their copies.

Lastly I will begin a novel with the children on Tuesday called “Care of Henry”. This is in their bags. Please only read the pages I assign daily as we will be completing predicting and other activities based on the novel as the weeks progress. Thank you.

Ms Mc Intyre.

Monday 11th January 2021

English in Practice Copy: Day 71 (I have this activity stuck in their English in Practice Copy in bag\box.)

Mental Maths: Week 16 p.32: Monday and Mondays problem.

Tables: 9+ tables for the week: 9+0=9 as far as 9+6=15.

English: Spellings Unit 8 p.30 (dr, gr, tr. cr, and br words) and do activities in My Spelling W.B. on p. 30.

If you previously completed this page before Christmas please go back and complete a page from Unit 7.)

Reading: Poem “ Hooray Hooray it's New Years Day” (This poem is stuck in the back of your Poetry\Grammar Copy) Read the poem together and on the page beside the poem draw a picture of your favourite image from the poem.

Remember an image is a picture you see in your head after reading the poem.

SESE: Our theme in SESE for the next 2 weeks will be “The Farm”. Take out your SESE Copy today and do a brainstorm of all the farm animals you can think of.

Remember a brainstorm is where you draw a cloud in the whitespace at the top of your copy and draw little lines coming out from the cloud.

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