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Menu of Work 1st Class 11/05/2020- 15/05/2020

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Below is a suggested list of work for the following week 11/05/2020 – 15/05/2020. Remember as always just complete what you can. It was great to hear from so many people again this week and thank you to those who send on some of the fantastic work completed last week. I will put some of the fantastic work completed on Australia up on the blog this weekend. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy the sun.

Like last week I have put up a grid on the blog with the work for each day and then here I have added the logins to the individual sites with some extra details too.

Any queries or questions about the list of work please email me for further details on

Butterfly Powerpoint

Butterfly Art 1

Butterfly Art 2


I will attach a sheet to the blog of games and activities you can practice at home to reinforce all the content covered this week.


Today I would also like you to do some more problem solving with the children. See problems below. Please complete 1-5. For extra work complete 6-10 also.

Monday Problem Solving (Chat to the children about the problems- ask the children if they think each problem is an addition or a subtraction (take-away) sum and why?

1. There are 12 cows and 6 sheep in a field. How many animals are in the field?

2. There were 19 people on the bus. 5 people got off the bus. How many people are left?

3. Harry ran 5 kilometres. He walked for another 6 kilometres. How far did Harry travel?

4. Chloe baked 20 cupcakes for her friends. She gave 14 of the cupcakes away. How many had she left?

5. Monica saw 11 butterflies. Then she saw another 6 butterflies. How many butterflies did she see altogether?

6. There were 13 children playing football. Another 6 children joined the game. How many children were playing football?

7. Gary counted 14 fish in a fish tank. 5 more were put in. How many fish are in the tank in total?

8. There were 18 rabbits in a field. 9 of them ran away. How many were left?

9. Jamie had 4 red balloons. Rachel had 8 blue balloons. Joe had 5 green balloons. How many balloons did they have in total?

10. Fern had 12 pieces of chocolate. She gave 5 pieces away. How many pieces did she have left?


Today we will begin weight. The children need to know the language of weight: estimate the weight, weight, heavy, heavier, heaviest, light, lighter, lightest, about the same weight, nearly the same weight.

P.121 deals with the concepts of heavier, lighter, weights the same, and the use of a scales\balance.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: Maths: Busy at Maths: Online Book (Click in the eye icon) Go to page 129+ p.130 (If any problem accessing these pages’ online email me and I can send on photos of the pages back to you or I can put photos of these pages on the blog if it is this is an easier way to access them?


P. 122: Deals with the concepts of heavier, lighter, weights the same, and the use of a scales\balance.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.


P. 124: Introduces the kilogram.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.


P. 46: Busy at Maths Shadow Book This is a revision page on the content covered on weight this week. This time when you go into the CJ Fallon website and you will select the Busy at Maths Shadow Book. It’s the option directly below the Busy at Maths Book.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.

Maths Tables Test Friday

8+2= 8+9= 8+1=

8+6= 8+11= 8+7=

8+3= 8+0= 8+10=

8+12= 8+4= 8+9=

Also the following is a great site with lots of games and activities for practicing your addition and subtraction sums and lots of other key maths concepts if you have time and access to the internet.


This week we will look at Mini- Beasts. Mini- Beasts are the small creatures that can be found in and around your home and school.

Login to CJ Fallon to access all the pages listed above on the grid: CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: SESE: What a Wonderful World: What a Wonderful World Revised: Online Book (Click on the eye icon) – It’s the first option on the page.

Monday: * Note the different book been used today “What a wonderful World”.

Read p. 66 & 67- Today there is a work search for you to find the names of some of the common mini-beasts you can find around your home and school. Can you name the mini-beasts on this page and then find their names in the word search?

When u have finished naming them. Look at p. 67 (Print it off if you can). Otherwise write then things you need to find out on a piece of paper. Go on a little mini-beast hunt outside in your garden. See can you find any one of these mini-beasts and write about it.

Often if you move a stone or a rock or a piece of wood the mini-beasts could be hiding underneath. Remember be careful not to hurt the mini-beasts.


Read p. 72 & 73- Today you will look at a PowerPoint of the Butterfly Lifecycle. I have included a link in the document.

If you have trouble accessing the link. You could look at a video of the Butterfly Lifecycle on YouTube.

Activity: Draw out the four stages of the Butterfly Lifecycle and label.


Today I would like you to draw a picture of your favourite mini-beast.

Activity: Write 3-5 facts about this mini-beast if you know some. (You could send me a picture of your favourite mini-beast and your facts.)


SPHE (Thursday)

Over the last two weeks you have been chatting about healthy eating and other ways of keeping your body healthy.

I know lots of you have been busy in the kitchen over the past few weeks; baking healthy snacks.

So this week we will talk about the rules for staying safe while baking.

Look at Mindful Matters p. 22; see can you come up with 5 ways of staying safe while baking? If you have been busy baking at home draw a picture of yourself following these rules.

CJ Fallon; First Class; Mindful Matters 1; p.22. Or alternatively I have added a link to the page.

Gaeilge (Irish)

If anyone has problems downloading the Bua na Cainte pages email me and I will send photos of the pages. Or alternatively you could try the following:

For interactive lessons

1. Go to

2. Select the file which suits your computer: PC or MAC

3. Select the Class Level you require, and then click on it to start a download of the file.

4. Once the download has completed, click on the file to install and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. A Bua na Cainte icon will appear on your desktop. Once you select this icon a login page will open where you will need to enter the details included below.

Login: trial

Password: trial

An Luan (Monday)

Activity: Tarraing na pictiúrí agus cuir lipéid air. (Draw the pictures and put a label on them.) Pictures on Blog.

An Mháirt (Tuesday)

Bhí na paistí ag ____________.

(The children were__________.)

Log onto

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 4- Caitheamh Aimsire

Do page 32 (Bí ag leamh)

Léigh an scéal:

D’éirigh Oisín ar maidin. (Oisín got up in the morning.)

Léim sé amach as an leaba. (He jumped out of bed.)

D’fhéach sé amach an fhuinneog. (He looked out the window.)

Bhí an lá go hálainn. (The day was lovely.)

Bhí an ghrian ag taitneamh. (The sun was shining.)

Chuir sé bríste gear, t-léine, hata gréine agus spéaclaí gréine air. (He put on shorts, a t-shirt, a sun hat and sun glasses.)

An Chéadaoin (Wednesday)

Bhí na páistí ag léim. (The children were jumping.)

Bhí na paáistí ag ____________. (The children were _______.)

Log onto

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 4- Caitheamh Aimsire

Do page 33 Bí ag scríobh (Write out the 6 sentences).

An Déardaoin (Thursday)

Log onto

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 4- Caitheamh Aimsire

Read page 34: Léigh an scéal (Read the story)

Bhí Liam agus Niamh ag iomáint (Liam and Niamh were playing hurling.)

Bhí cáman aige. (He had a Hurley.)

Bhí sliotar aici. (She had a sliotar.)

Thóg an madra an sliotar. (The dog took the sliotar.)

Thosaigh na páistí ag gáire. (The children started laughing.)

An Aoine (Friday)

Bua na Cainte: Nuacht p. 35 or copy from below into your copy)

Scríobh An Nuacht (News): Write your news as Gaeilge (In Irish)

Inniu an _________ (Today is ___________)

Inné an _________ (Yesterday was _______)

Amárach an ______ (Tomorrow will be ___)

An Luan (Monday) An Mháirt (Tuesday) An Chéadaoin (Wednesday) An Déardaoin (Thursday) An Aoine (Friday) An Satharn (Saturday) An Domhnach (Sunday)

Tá an lá_____________. (The day is __________).

Fuar (cold), te (hot), fluich (wet), tirim (dry), gaofar (windy), scamallach (cloudy), dorcha (dark) geal (bright).

Bhí mé ag ____________ inné. (I was _________ yesterday.)

Bhí mé ag_____________ inné. (I was _________yesterday.)

ag siúl (walking) ag rothaíocht (cycling) ag iomáint (Hurling)

ag Rith (running) ag snámh (swimming) ag léim (jumping) ag imirt peile (football)

English for Monday:

1. Writing:

Summer: Write 10 sentences in your copy about summer. Write more if you can. (This activity could be completed any day this week.)

Remember put a Capital Letters at the start of each sentence and finish each sentence with a full stop. Also remember a capital letter for the days of the week, the months of the year and every time you use the word I.

You could send me a photo of your writing this week. I would love to read about what you have learned about summer so far.

2. Reading:

We are now finished our 3rd class reader so well done everyone.

I am going to use an online reader for reading and comprehension over the next 6 weeks. The reader I will use will be from the same site each week so once you access it today you will find it easy to access it every week. It’s from Gill education. Go to (It’s free access)

Go to: All Titles: Primary Titles


Class: Fist Class

Then click on: Over the Moon; skills book first class (It’s a yellow & green book)

Right beside the copy of that book when you have clicked on it; you will see the reader I am using “Adventures of an Astronaut” Reader 1

This week read all of Unit 3 “Wild about Wildlife” p.23-34” (Reading for the week)

English for Friday:

(Could also be completed Monday after reading: Complete when suits you- and they can be asked orally or used as a written activity)

Comprehension questions based on the Reading “Wild About Wildlife” p. 23-32

1. What were Evan, Ella and Tom doing?

2. What was the name of the game?

3. How many legs had a spider?

4. What can starfish also be called?

5. What do you call a starfish who can change from a boy to a girl?

6. What do owls like to eat?

7. What shaped face does a barn owl have?

8. What had Meg and Mel been doing?

9. What colour stripes has a tiger?

10. What type of an animal is Luna?

Grow in Love

Go to and go to login section. The email address you use is and password is growinlove (all lower case and all one word).

Theme 9: Creation - Lesson 1 “God made the world”. This week listen to the story of creation. There is also a lovely colouring page for you to print off and colour in if you have access to a printer.

Other Activities:

Music: Continue to practice your tunes on the tin whistle. Try playing a new tune from one of the sheets.

English in Practice (Grammar): (Continue with a column daily if you have previously accessed the viewing copy of this book online; “English in practice 1st Class” on the Prim- Ed website. You could read out the 10 questions to the children and children could write the answers in your copy

Shared Reading: Oxford Owl – books can be chosen based on age/level.

PE: With Joe Wicks- The Body Coach.

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