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Menu of work 1st class 20/4/2020- 24/04/2020

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a lovely Easter and had lots of chocolate to eat. I hope you have been very busy helping out and doing little jobs around the house and that you have had lots of fun outside in this beautiful weather.

Below is a suggested list of work for the following week 20/04/2020 – 24/04/2020. Complete what you can.

Remember continue to do lots of jobs around the house and spend lots of time outside playing in the garden :)

I miss you all and I hope we will get to see each other again very soon. Keep safe everyone!

I have put up a grid on the blog with the work for each day and then here I have added the logins to the individual sites with some extra details.

Any queries or questions about the list of work please email me for further details on firstclassmsmcintyre@gmail.com


I will attach a sheet to the blog of games and activities you can practice at home to reinforce all the content covered this week.


-Counting in 2’s p. 125: Children should be able to count in two’s as far as 30.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: Maths: Busy at Maths: Online Book (Click in the eye icon) Go to page 125


-Counting in 5’s p. 126: Children should be able to count in five’s as far as 50.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.


-Counting in 10’s p. 127: Children should be able to count in ten’s as far as 100.

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above.

Thursday/ Friday:

-The Hundred Square p. 128: Over the next two days the children will be introduced to pattern on the 100 square. The children will be required to fill in the missing numbers 1-100. (100 square at back of mental maths book if required).

Go to the CJ Fallon Website (Free login) as above p.128

Friday: A page with activities uploaded on blog for today: (See hundred square page attached to blog)


Our theme for the next two weeks will be Australia.

Before you begin learning about Australia ask the children if there is anything they already know about Australia? The children could do a brainstorm of stuff they already know.

Login to CJ Fallon to access all the pages listed above on the grid: CJ Fallon Website (Free login) Click Primary: First Class: SESE: Small World: Small Word First Class: Online Book (Click on the eye icon) – It’s the first option on the page.


Read p. 68- Learn about 6 Australian Animals.

Activity: Draw a picture of the Wallaby and write two facts about it.


Read p. 69- Today you will learn what a Coral Reef is and name some animals that live in a coral reef.

If you have access to Youtube there are some lovely videos online that you could look at of the coral reef.


Draw a picture of a Coral Reef. You could copy the picture from yesterday on p.69. Or draw your own. Use lots of colour.


Read p.70- Today you will learn some facts about Australia.

Activity: Have a go at drawing the Australian Flag.

www.getepic.com has got some lovely books and resources on Australia.

Gaeilge (Irish)

An Luan (Monday)

Activity: Tarraing na pictiúrí agus chur lipéad orthu. (Draw the pictures and put a label on them. Pictures on blog. )

An Mháirt (Tuesday)

Ceist: Cad atá ort? (What have you on?)

Freagar: Tá _____ orm. (I have _________ on me.)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login

User name: primaryedcobooks

Password: EDCO2020

Search- Bua na cainte 1

Go to 6- An Éadaí

Read page 44

An Chéadaoin (Wednesday)

Ceist: Cad atá ort? (What have you on?)

Freagar: Tá _____ orm. (I have _________ on me.)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login (Details as above)

Do page 45: Bí ag Scríobh (Write out the 7 sentences).

An Déardaoin (Thursday)

Log onto www.edcolearning.ie/login (Details as above)

Activity: Do page 53: An Nuacht (News)

Inniu an _________ (Today is ___________)

Inné an _________ (Yesterday was _______)

Amárach an ______ (Tomorrow will be ___)

An Luan (Monday) An Mháirt (Tuesday) An Chéadaoin (Wednesday) An Déardaoin (Thursday) An Aoine (Friday) An Satharn (Saturday) An Domhnach (Sunday)

Tá an lá_____________. (The day is __________).

Fuar(cold), te (hot), fluich (wet), tirim (dry), gaofar (windy), scamallach (cloudy), dorcha (dark) geal (bright).

Fuair mé _______________ nua. (I got new _________).

Bróga (shoes), cóta (coat), gúna (dress), t- léine (t-shirt), geansaí (jumper), hata (hat), sciorta (skirt), buataisí (boots).

An Aoine (Friday)

Revision - Ceisteanna (Questions)

  1. Cad is ainm duit? __________is ainm dom.

What is your name? My name is _________

  1. Cén rang ina bhfuil tú? Tá mé i rang a haon.

What class are you in? I am in 1st class.

  1. Cá bhfuil tú i do chónaí? Tá mé i mo chónaí i Cúil Áine.

Where do you live? I live in Coolaney.

English for Friday

Compound Words

A compound word is when two words are added to each other to make a new word.

Examples: car + pet = carpet

tea +pot = teapot

Can you pick a word on the left to go with one on the right to make compound words?

Out house

Post ball

Foot paste

Tooth side

Green man

Activity: Can you come up with 10 more compound words of your own? Write them in your copy.

Extra work: Put each of the new words into a sentence. Remember to practice your handwriting.

You could take a picture of the compound words you have come up with and email me a picture,

Grow in Love

Go to www.growinlove.ie and go to login section. The email address you use is trial@growinlove.ie and password is growinlove (all lower case and all one word).

Theme 8: Jesus is Still with us- Lesson 1 “I am with you always”.

Other Activities:

Music: Continue to practice your tunes on the tin whistle. Try playing a new tune from one of the sheets.

English in Practice (Grammar): (Continue with a column daily if you have previously accessed the viewing copy of this book online; “English in practice 1st Class” on the Prim- Ed website. You could read out the 10 questions to the children and children could write the answers in your copy

Shared Reading: Oxford Owl – books can be chosen based on age/level.

PE: With Joe Wicks- The Body Coach.