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Monday 11th January-3rd Class

Hello Third Class,

I hope this email finds you well and that you all had a lovely Christmas. I’m sure there was lots of excitement in houses in Coolaney on Christmas morning! I hope you all got something you really liked and I can’t wait to hear about your gifts, the movies you watched and the fun you had. Did anyone get to build a snowman? If so, did you think about our poem ‘Once there was a Snowman’?!

We had a lovely time in my household. The kids were really excited about Santa coming and were wondering on Christmas Eve if they had been good enough all year! Thankfully, all was good Christmas morning and everyone was happy. We spent the time watching Christmas movies, eating lots and trying to get some exercise! Santa brought goal posts so there is lots of football activity in the garden.

I know you would love to be back in our lovely classroom but remote learning will take place until the end of January. I have assigned work below for Monday to be completed after you have collected your bags/boxes. From Tuesday (12/1/21), I will be interacting daily on Google Classroom. Please ensure that you have logged into the platform to access the work. We will explore features on the platform as the weeks progress. The most important thing to remember is that we are all learning together. This type of learning is new to us all and I don’t want anyone to worry as I am here to help you, guide you and answer any queries you may have. My email address is

On Monday, I would like you to complete:

  • Mental Maths, Week 17 pg.50-Monday & Problem Solving (If you have time, you can finish off the 3 days from the previous week which we started on the last week in school)

  • English in Practice - Day 60

  • My Spelling Workbook Unit 8- Write spelling list into Practise box (pg.30) Also complete activities 1&2

  • Reading - Reading Zone -How Fionn became Leader of the Fianna (pages 64&65)

Please complete written activities in the copy labelled ‘Jan. 2021’ which is in your bag/box. A few of you may not have had a spare copy so please label a copy at home.

I look forward to your interaction and engagement with me on Google Classroom. Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

Stay safe,


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