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Random Acts of Kindness

Over the next few weeks I’d love if you would try out some of these ‘Random acts of Kindness’ activities at home! They are all very simple but could really put a smile on someone’s face….and your own!

· Make a drink or a snack for someone in your family without being asked.

· Offer to do some jobs around the house.

· Try to make someone laugh.

· Give someone a compliment.

· Write a letter to someone you care about. Tell them you miss them & how much you look forward to seeing them again soon. Maybe you could enclose a photo too.

· Show a younger brother or sister how to do something or read a book to them.

· Think of something nice to say to each of your family members.

· Make a card for someone.

· Ask ‘how can I help?’ at home.

· Set up a fun game or treasure hunt for younger brothers or sisters.

· Help to prepare or clean up after dinner.

· Write a ‘thank you’ note to someone.

· Write a list of all the things you like about a family member and give it to them.

· Say ‘Yes’ to as many positive things as you can in one day!

· At the same time every day, think of one thing to be thankful for.

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