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Rang a Sé Gaeilge 27ú Aibreán-1ú Bealtaine

Dátaí: 27ú Aibreán-1ú Bealtaine

Ábhar: Gaeilge

An tseachtain seo, bí ag obair ar Súil Siar C ar lch. 122 agus lch. 123. This week I’d like you to work on the Look Back activities on p.122 and p. 123. In order to gain access to the online book & resources the website address is Parents, you can register as a teacher. For the roll number please use Prim20.

1. Ceist A lch. 122 : Cuir isteach an briathar ceart. Put in the correct verb. *Ná déan dearmad ar na briathra ar lch. 179-182! Don’t forget the verbs can be found on p. 179-182.

2. Ceist B lch. 122: Roghnaigh an cheist cheart. Choose the correct question word.

Ceist C lch. 123: Roghnaigh an ceann corr. Choose the odd one out. Úsáid an foclóir chun cabhrú leat agus bí ag smaoineamh! Use your dictionary to help you. Think about these!

3. Ceist D lch. 123: Tarraing pictiúr chun an seanfhocal a mhíniú. Try to translate this proverb/old irish saying and draw and colour a picture to illustrate it.

4. You will find lots of seanfhocail here: Roghnaigh ceann dóibh agus tarraing pictiúr eile chun an seanfhocal a mhíniú. Pick one of these proverbs and illustrate it to show its meaning.

5. Please complete today’s work in your verb hardback. Scríobh na habairtí seo san aimsir chaite. Write these sentences in the past tense. Ná déan dearmad ar na rialacha! Don’t forget about the rules for the past tense! Use your verb hardback and p. 179-182 to help you. Seo iad na briathra: ól, fan, las, dún, glan, fág, rith

1. Daithí turned on the lights last night.

2. Síofra didn’t clean her bedroom yesterday.

3. They waited in the classroom because it was raining.

4. Sinéad left her house at 8 o’clock this morning.

5. Seán drank a cup of tea beside the fire.

6. The children closed their bags at 3 o’ clock.

Litriú: hairicín, crith talún, súnámaí, damáiste, scriosta, gortaithe, sábháilte, tine.

Úsáid an foclóir chun cabhrú leis an míniú. Use your dictionary to help you with definitions. Déan do dhícheall. Do your best to learn these spellings & you could get an adult to test you on Friday.

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