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Shared Reading for Senior Infants, First Class and Second Class 25th-28th May (Ms Naughton)

Please click on the link below to bring you to the ebook section of the Oxford Owl site. It has a wealth of books for all interests and abilities and there are resources for learning from home through the 'Oxford Owl at Home' part of the site. There are oral activities for before and during reading on the inside cover of books and some interactive activities too. Remember for Shared Reading to read with your child...they will not know all the vocabulary. For First and Second Class children they could record some of the new words in the reader in a Dictionary like copy for future use or to put into sentences as a later activity.

Please follow the ages below for your child:

Senior Infants - Age 5-6

First Class - Age 6-7

Second Class - Age 7-9

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