• Rockfield NS

The Class of 2020🎓

Congratulations 6th Class! Today is your day! Unfortunately, this is not how I had hoped to spend my last few days with you. It's certainly not how I wished to say goodbye to you! Please know this-it has been my pleasure to teach you, not once but twice. You have been an amazing 6th Class, and I am so proud of the kind, responsible, mature, resilient, trustworthy and reliable boys and girls that each and every one of you has grown into. You have been a 6th Class who have worked hard and you consistently set good example to the other classes in our school-for that I thank you.

I look forward to big things to come from all of you and I wish you all nothing but happiness and success in your lives. Soon you will embark on such an exciting new journey, so enjoy every minute of it!

Have a lovely, happy and safe summer everyone, and maybe some day when this is all over, you might come back to see us all at Rockfield NS and say hello!

Ms Egan.

Dare to Dream

Close your eyes and let

your imagination fly away.

See a picture of where

you wish to be one day.

Let the colours of your

heart take command

to paint the picture of your

dream and place it in your hand.

Hold on tightly and nurture it,

but allow it room to grow.

When you reach your dream,

open your hand and let it go.

Close your eyes and search for

another, caring for it as before.

Never stop searching, achieving and

letting go, for that's what dreams are for.