Green Schools 2019/2020

Reaching for Our 7th Flag!

Our school is currently working towards our 7th Green Flag as part of the Green School’s programme. Our new theme is “Global Citizenship and Energy”. Continuing on from previous work carried out on the theme of saving energy, this new theme involves a wider focus on how energy can be saved around the world to reduce the negative impact on the environment (e.g. climate change).

A short video (2-3 minutes long) on “The story of Energy” is available here: 


Our Green School’s committee members are busy working as “energy monitors” to; ensure lights are turned off in classrooms when not needed, close windows and doors during breaks to keep in heat, remind teachers to plug out electrical appliances when not in use, etc. These initiatives can be reinforced at home to help reduce energy costs and lead to a cleaner environment for all.

We ran a whole-school competition earlier in the year to find our new Green School slogan. Thomas Clarke (3rd class) was our winner with his inspiring slogan;

“Are we the children who dare to dream? Then let’s save our planet and let’s go green!” (See our photo below)

Ingrid from SEAI visited our school in February to run workshops with the children on the theme of energy. Linked to the curriculum area of Science, experiments were conducted.

Karen visited our school to conduct art workshops on a previous Green School theme of Biodiversity. After studying how local birds build their nests, the children had to design and make their own nests using clay and natural items such as twigs, leaves, moss, etc. The children had lots of fun at this activity! (See our brilliant photos).

Linked to the creative writing genre of “persuasive writing” in English, 5th class wrote letters to some local MEP candidates running in the May elections to lobby for action on climate change. The children had some excellent ideas and the letters were fuelled with passion for a future cleaner planet for their generation!

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